24 March 2011

Preparing for the Economic Holocaust that Will Strike the World


Originally published in my Notes section at Facebook; Copyright ©, R. Kossover 2010

by Reuven Kossover on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 10:48pm

It should be evident by now to all but the most blind that the world is facing an economic holocaust.  The euro, wracked by the budgetary debt of the European nations on the periphery of the "eurozone", threatens collapse.  The US dollar is so swamped by American debt that it is only a matter of when, and not if, it will lose its status as a reserve currency in international commerce.    When this happens, all the dollars floating around will either be refused by foreigners or accepted at deep discounts.  Strong inflation in commodities, not seen in years,  is already striking the United States  as I type this note.  Once that reserve status leaves the dollar, hyper-inflation will begin to strike the United States.  Those of us who live in Israel need to prepare for the day when the fiat shekel, based on nothing but trust and the stability of the dollar, will be a thing of the past.

Paris David Blumenthal is attempting to accomplish such a preparation.

He is putting together an organization, known in English as "Gold Leaf", to be a think tank to deal with the issues at hand.  This is a translation from the Hebrew of the program of "Gold Leaf" as he sent it to me.  I have made some small adjustments to the Google translation.

Have you ever thought why the cost of a liter of gasoline is twice as high as in Israel as in the United States? Or why did you pay three to four times as much for shoes in this country, than you would have bought them in the United States?  I assume most readers are aware of what the new vehicle purchases in Israel are more than double anywhere else. Folks, it's not just an exorbitant tax regressive VAT 16%, which stifles the Israeli economy and drives up the cost of living; it is also import taxes and taxes on a commodity that are hidden from the public's knowledge, as well as regulated monopolies to annoy Israel total economic situation .

When millions of Jews do not want to live here because of extreme taxation, Israel loses the gross domestic product their absence causes.  Because those Jews are not here, our demographic position remains insecure, and arouses animosity in our isolation because it appears that there is no military arsenal that can handle the enmity of the nations surrounding us.

Comprehensive Solution

  1.  Tax cuts
  2.  Cut costs
  3.  Make more affordable housing
  4.  Encourage more people to join the workforce by:
  • A - reduction in welfare
  • B - Establishing a negative income tax
  • C- Duty service reform to enable the ultra-Orthodox to serve
  • D- Improving Education

Obviously, this is not the entire solution.  There is more to be figured out, a lot more.  There is a banking system to re-invent, as the international banking system will collapse.  There is the need to educate the public concerning the development of a shekel based on silver or gold, a solid currency that will not be dependent on the economic stability of other nations.   There is the need to develop an economic model that will reduce the income disparities between the mass of Israelis and the 20 or so families who control the economy right now.  Tax cuts mean privatizing many functions that government now handles.  Cost cuts are accomplished by getting rid of the dead hand of bureaucratic interference in such mundane things as routing intercity buses, to cite just one example, so there is real competition, and real improvements in service.

That is why this is to be a think tank, a vital think tank with bubbling solutions to make all of our lives better.  If the circumstances force it, it can develop into a political party.  But that is for the future to dictate.

In the meantime, I strongly recommend that anyone who likes this program join Gold Leaf at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gold-Leaf-ly-zhb/116019365134719?v=info

Last Week (17 Feb. 2011) We Got Some In-Laws

Published originally at Facebook in my Notes section; Copyright ©, R. Kossover 2011.
by Reuven Kossover on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 10:20pm

In all truth, it was a relatively simple affair. Eric and Ella made it, as I had mentioned. But they picked out a hotel from a chain that is gobbling up the other chains here, and according to others, the food was delicious ( I thought it was delicious too, but I was hungry, and my judgment might be less than objective).

Adina got made up, had a new dress, I got the first new suit I have gotten in almost 23 years, and you can see the photos of the others. My son and daughter-in-law picked out a photographer (whose work I yet await) and a DJ, and my son had gotten only ONE demand from me - that there be no light show at the wedding. Avi (Eric - or Eeric in a NZ accent) brought two witnesses to the signing of the ketubá, the marriage contract. He makes undertakings, and the ketubá is a kind of pre-nup developed long before divorce lawyers existed. If, G-d forbid, the marriage does not work out, he has to pay Ella "two zuzim" (or is it two hundred zuzim?) - apparently in modern money, that is NIS 180,000 - if she demands it.

The witnesses were there to see several things occur. First of all they had to sign the ketubá - the wedding contract - second of all they had to hear Avi say the formula of marriage "b'taba'át zu aní m'kudéshet... " etc, and put a ring on Ella's right forefinger; thirdly they had to see Avi lift the veil from Ella's face, they had to listen to the reading of the contract, and finally, they had to see that the glass was broken at the ceremony. That is what the wedding is all about. In reality the rabbi is not even necessary. The groom makes contractual undertakings which are reduced to writing, gives the bride a ring, and a contract promising her that he will treat her according to the laws of Moses and Israel - and pay her so much money if the wedding does not work out.

There is a big feast afterwards, but that is just a minor detail.... right? Sure!!

Lib Oberg, a sweet, giggly kid from Queensland Australia, Ella's cousin, took a whole bunch of photos.  This is the Hupá, the wedding canopy. If you look real close, you can see a guy with a small blue kippá on his bald head. That's me.

There were two "feedings" (unlike the weddings my wife was used to in the Middle West with one feeding, a cash bar and a dollar dance); the first feeding was the reception of the guests, when the guests would take finger foods... (or small meals) and a couple of drinks. There were lots of these and they were delicious! These folks were not liquor drinkers. Then there is the ceremony under the Hupá - the wedding canopy - where the reading of the contract takes place. There was a lot of dancing to escort the bride to the canopy. Then the actual ceremony takes place, and after which more dancing to escort the bride and groom to a small private place - where the marriage could be consummated, if the couple were so inclined - but which is described as a a first "meal" together. During this period of time, there was a lot of dancing, during which the first set of foods is removed - and the tables set up to be served.

When the bride and groom showed up, they were again escorted with dancing around them - and then there is even more dancing, much lifting up of the groom and carrying him around, and similar antics. The father often gets stuck onto a chair and folks dance around him as well, sometimes lifting his chair into the air. Especially if this is the last kid to be married off. I still have another son to marry off yet.

Then tired, and exhausted we sank into chairs and stuffed our faces with the main meal. In addition to a salad, and fish, we had a great choice - chicken balls (or maybe they were turkey balls), chicken, and steak! Do you know how long I has been since I've eaten steak? With one exception, a meal in J-lem with an Afrikaner friend and his brother, it has been over a decade!

Anyway, we had the entrée and rice and veggies, and then it was yet more dancing and carrying Avi on a chair like a king, and then Avi and Ella together like a king and queen. Then there was a dessert, and more dancing. Most of the time, the dancing was separate men and women - Jewish custom, you know - but at the end, the DJ started playing Scottish and English reels and my in-laws really started to kick up their feet and have a good time. Wow!! That was something to watch!  The people who really meant something to us were there, and many were truly missed.

I missed my parents being there.  I would have liked it if my cousins and nephews could have come, but in all truth, I doubt they would have.  I'm sure my wife missed her mom and dad being there and especially her sister, nieces and nephews   However, my parents, had they lived, would have been over 100, each of them.

My father-in-law has taken a number of turns for the worse lately, and couldn't have been there even if he wanted to be; my mother-in-law died over 10 years ago in her 70s.

So. I'm reasonable in what I ask for.... I don't suffer too much that way.

Three Attacks in One Day; Thoughts on a Murdered Family - Time to Go to War Again?

Originally published at Facebook under my Notes there:
Copyrght ©, R. Kossover 2011
by Reuven Kossover on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 1:06am
It was a rotten day in Israel Wednesday.  When a Grad rocket struck Be'ersheva early that morning, residents found that the shelters they were to flee to were locked.

But that wasn't the worst of it.  On Tuesday, rockets hit Ashdod, and struck Be'ersheva the next morning, ; and 10 mortar shells hit towns near Gaza during the day.  Local residents say they have had it with the absent protection of the IDF.

The geniuses at the IDF (probably inspired by their pathetic 'Security" Minister" Barak) responded with 'Pretend It's Not Happening'

The final big attack of the day killed someone.  A terrorist placed a bomb in a phone booth and detonated it as a bus was taking on passengers near the binyanéi ha'umá, a kind of national convention center near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem.  Because the bomb was not strong enough, there were "only" 50 wounded, and one elderly woman killed.

Pretend it's not happening?  These idiots in command at the IDF can say, "pretend it's not happening."  They have to answer to their pathetic boss Ehud baráH, (he fled, in Hebrew), the creation of Bill Clinton, and who is now Hillary Clinton's bagman - who fled from South Lebanon in 2000, who as a procurement officer for the IDF, wanted to turn down the submarines we have from Germany, and who as commander in the First Lebanon War, allowed a group of 23 religious soldiers to go and die in an ambush at Sultan Yuqub - knowing they would be ambushed.  It was this human garbage (along with a lot of other human trash called "leaders" here) who supported the expulsion of Jews from Gush Qatif in 2005.

It was this human garbage, Ehud Barak, who weakened the security and eliminated much of the funding for the security fence around the village of Itamar, only a few kilometers from here.   It was this human garbage, under the pressure of Barack Hussein Obama (American human garbage), who eliminated checkpoints around Sh'khém that allowed terrorists easier access to the Jewish population.

And we cannot pretend that THIS didn't happen on 11 March 2011.  The Fogel family was forced to leave Gush Qatif by the animals in Tel Aviv who live in their fantasy bubble, and the goons they employ who have the guns.  They should have been in Netzarim.  But driven out pof their homes, they were in Itamar.  Arabs got into Itamar because of a weak fence, and were trained by Americans for a mission of quick kills.  There will be no retribution for this from the IDF, which is pretending it never happened.  And even 12 year old Tamar Fogel, who found her parents and siblings murdered in their sleep on Shabbat at midnight had enough sense to tell the Prime Minister "You're afraid.  You're afraid that if you do something America will do something to you."  His words in response - "they kill, and we'll build" are lame - and they are lies.

These bastards cut our security, blame us when Arab animals slaughter our children, and allow anarchists, leftists and whores who do not deserve the protective shield of the G-d of Israel over this land to come and provoke violence in our lands on our holidays, and dare tell us to "pretend it didn't happen"?

Is it time to go to war again?   Is it time to finally bomb the Gaza Strip to powder and let the world bitch and moan and go to hell if they don't like it?  I sure hope so.  If the EU and the US of A want to intervene here as they tried to in Libya and Serbia, it is time to blow up nukes in the skies above Berlin and Rome and take out the European continent's ability to function, as well as the Fifth Fleet's ability to function.  It is time to assert our freedom from the scum in America and Europe who nod with approval when Jews die, and it is time to murder off our murderers.  Peace be damned!

But more important, it is time to get rid of the leftist Jewish slime in Israel.  Overseas, foreigners will kill off these Jews because they are too stupid to come home, and too damned arrogant to understand that the only really safe place for a Child of Israel is the Land of Israel.  But here, we must get rid of them - before they destroy us - one family at a time.