11 April 2014

Netanyahu's Regime Showing its True Traitorous Face in Yizhar


י'א בניסן, התשע''ד
כל זכויות שמורות Ⓒ, ר. קוסובר  
11 April, 2014
Copyright Ⓒ R. Kossover, 2014

The true face of a regime determined to destroy the Jewish homes in the Jewish homeland has shown its face in Yitzhar recently, first in the destruction of Jewish homes there, and then in the seizure of the 'Od Yosef Ḥai Yeshiva by the military, today.  Some of you may remember the original 'Od Yosef Ḥai Yeshiva from an event in late 2000, when a yeshiva student was killed, and when the IDF did the unthinkable, leaving a wounded soldier, Mudhuf Yusef, to die at the hands of enemy terrorists when they seized Joseph's Tomb and desecrated it.

On the leftist Voice of Israel English News broadcast at 12:30, Friday afternoon, the leader of the opposition echoed the former leader of the Labor Party, Shim'on Peres, in calling for Israel Police and military to be withdrawn from Yitzhar, whining that the residents are not satisfied with the protection offered by the Israel Police and the IDF.  The death toll of residents of the village over the last two decades shows the quality of the alleged "protection".

The problem is simple.  The Israeli government, needing some excuse to pursue its suicidal policy of talking with its would-be executioners about handing over sovereign Israeli territory to foreign-funded terrorist murderers, needed a vehicle, a means of focusing the public's attention on, the fictional "extremist" Jewish residents of Samaria.  All this fuss over Yitzhar is that vehicle.  The minute one sees behind the curtain of bullshit and baloney of the section of the Shaba"k devoted to delegitmizing the settlement enterprise in Samaria and Judea, the whole strategy becomes obvious, and obviously painful.

This is not new.  It has been done numerous times.  Barry Chamish and others have recounted how a Jewish doctor living in Hevron was turned into a "murderer" by the machinations of the Shaba"k, which, using two agents, led him to the Ma'arat MaHpela, and then shot at a whole bunch of Muslim worshipers there, killing many, and then fleeing, locking the doors behind them, while the remaining worshipers killed the one person who had not tried to kill them at all, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, z''l, hy''d.  In the ensuing uproar, the then sitting Netanyahu regime handed control over Hevron to PA terrorists.  And Dr.  Goldstein's name has been smeared for the last two decades.

What the Netanyahu regime did then was lashon ha'r'a on speed.  Do you think his regime would shrink from such acts now?  

This is not the first of many, many articles detailing what kind of traitor sits as prime minister in his office on Government Hill in Jerusalem.  A good question to ask is,  "how does this article get Netanyahu and his fellow traitors into handcuffs?"  Or, "how does this get him closer to the hanging rope?"

The answer is that this article by itself, makes those who read it more aware.  That is all such an article can hope to do - raise awareness.  Those who practice hasbara, whether for pay or for love, are doing the same thing - raising awareness.

The game-changer comes when you get a half-million people into Jerusalem at the right time of day, doing what the French mob did on Bastille Day, 1789 - seizing power.   Getting that done is a whole different kettle of fish.  But, as we have seen recently, in a number of different ways and places, it can be done.

So, one should never lose hope. 

Shabbat shalom u'mevorakh from Ma'ale Levona, overlooking the road of the Patriarchs that our ancestors used to settle here 40 centuries ago.


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