23 July 2012



Originally published as a Note on Facebook

טו בתמוז, התשע'ב
5 July, 2012

Copyright © R. Kossover, 2012

The boys at the Extinction Protocol can't get used to the idea that WWIII is here already. It started. The only question is how quickly will it spread and to where? I don't have the answer to that one, but a young woman whom I'll describe as the Holémet - the dreamer - has a clue. She has given permission to share that clue with you all.

I strongly suggest that you read this Note in conjunction with two previous Notes; LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE PAST 2012: Peeking beyond Zionism and its malcontents and THE HAMMER OF G-D.  The three form a single body of work.

Today, Rabbi Rachamim Pauli noted on his own page that the World Net Daily is carrying a piece about Donald Trump warning of an "October Surprise" - Trump: Obama will start Iran war to win election.  The rabbi asks us to focus on the Jewish holiday Hoshaná Rabá, which tradition says is the day G-d will execute judgement (annually) on the Children of Israel.  I would note that the Great Depression started the day before Hoshaná Rabá in the year 5690 (1929). 

In the meantime, enjoy peace while it lasts. Cherish these days, for they are the final days of an era. The "seeds of World War III" have sprouted.

The following is what The Holémet allowed me to share with you.  I sent this out as an email on 9 June of this year.  What follows is the text of the e-mail.

This is not really a vision but a description of a dream had by a young woman, whom I'll call the Holémet (Hebrew for "the dreamer").  I had a conversation on FB Chat with her on Thursday, 7 June.  Here are the key points.  

First, this is not a one time or two time dream.  The Holémet had this dream numerous times, with no  variations in it.  

Second, when the Holémet has had dreams of this nature, she has had them repeatedly for a period of time, and then they came to an end - and then the event dreamt of occurred.  In some instances the event occurred immediately.  But in many instances, it took at least a month.  In the case of Hurricane Katrina, the dreams stopped one month before.  
The Holémet wrote, 

"I saw Katrina four months before it came, and again several times - and then it stopped a month before it hit.  Is that a normal pattern?   What is normal?  I guess there is no normal."

Then later, she wrote,

"Well, [for] the Rabin one [there was] about two months pause; Katrina about a month; Japan, that melt down recently,  I did not know the location, only that it was in Asia - [for that] about 6 a month pause.  I saw the one in Italy recently with no pause, and told my sister about it.  [I have] many natural disaster ones [dreams] with about a month's pause, occasionally no pause."  

If you reflect, you will realize that the events in Japan, the earthquake, and the meltdown, are far more significant than say, an earthquake in the mid-Pacific, or Italy.  Clouds of radiation have been circling the planet due to the meltdowns at Fukushima. 

Thirdly, it is important to relate that 80% of the Holémet's dreams have come true.  Thus in looking at all this, the element of uncertainty is balanced by the repetition of the dream itself in exactly the same way.  

In the case of what I'll relate below, the Holémet has experienced this dream dozens of times.  Four months ago, they stopped - though in recalling it for me, she said she was shaking badly, it scared her so much.

This is her dream.  I've edited her writing to give it coherency, and remove the spelling errors.  But this is what the Holémet told me.

"These most recent dreams are so vivid and real.  I am not myself, but looking through the eyes of another -  in Jerusalem, an older woman with white on.  I feel the embers burn through the cloth on my arms and hear the screams and sirens, dogs barking.  Everything, just everything [has] the smell of ash and metal and hot air in my mouth.  It was at night during the attack though it was not hot at all outside, chilly, but not cold.

About, I don't know, a 1/2 mile from the Mount, standing in the south archway in front of me, a market to my right, I watched it [the missile] come in from the east going west.  The first one obliterated al-Aqsa, and the Dome [of Omar] literally exploded.  Everything on the top was wiped out.  I do not know what would cause that, but I sensed that they [the structures on the Temple mount] were not the target. The target was a government building, but the [missile] missed.  Anyway the follow up was [that] Iran was invaded by everybody.  The Arab nations were not happy with Iran.

Will it happen? I don't know.  Who has a weapon that can shear a man in half after lifting him off the ground?

But the [Temple] Mount was clean after that.  Well rubble, but clean!  One of the missiles clears everything to the Jaffa Gate with fire right up a road.  I went and looked at a map about a year ago, that clarified what I saw.  People are going to die.  This is a massive missile, not some little rocket.  

The sky above the [Temple] Mount is on fire.

Yes, [I had this dream] several dozen times.  It stopped suddenly about four months ago.  I do not know if something changed in the timeline to stop it, or if it is about to happen, but the war follows it.  I see these dreams as like snippets of time lines that I am given.  I did share it with Bibi [Netanyahu].  I sent it to one of his people.  But the people dying, Jews, Christians, Muslims, all sorts.  I could never have wishful thinking about [them dying], you know?  And then the war that follows it, [it is] just horrible - but Israel survives it.  Persia will fall, and Syria, too.  

Sorry I am shaking thinking about it."

There the narration the the Holémet ends.

I have never had a dream as vivid as that, though I did have a brief dream about nuclear war about 30 years ago.

Please think about what I've just related above.  If this dream stopped coming to the Holémet because something in the timeline caused it to stop, or if we are being given time to "clean up our act" by the Almighty, is not something I can say.  

If this dream is true, that is to say a vision of the future, then I suspect that it is a mere fragment of a whole series of other events that, were the Holémet to experience in dreams or visions, would overwhelm her. She sees these dreams as "snippets of timelines".

I'm guessing, and I have to emphasize that this is merely a guess on my part, that the amount of time between the cessation of the dreams and the event occurring is a message of some kind to the Holémet (and us) as to the ultimate import of the event in question.  In other words, there was a one month cessation before the onset of Hurricane Katrina - and a six month cessation before the onset of the disaster in Japan - I suspect that radiation clouds traveling around the earth are more important than the destruction of the "Big Easy".

There has already been a four month (as of now, July 2012, a five month) cessation from the time that the Holémet had this dream about Jerusalem last - and I suspect that the cleansing of the Temple Mount is of greater import than radiation clouds from the Fukushima disaster.  So, I suspect, and I must emphasize that I am telling you my analysis of all this, and not anything that the Holémet told me, that we have at least two months time before this event occurring - perhaps more, perhaps four months.  This brings us to October on the Christian calendar - and the beginning of the year 5773 on the Rabbinic calendar.

However, I may be wrong.  First, this merely may be a dream, and nothing more.  Second, even if it is a vision of the future, it may occur sooner - or later - than I'm guessing.  

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