18 September 2011

Acting Offensively to Carry Out a War of Self Defense


Originally posted in Facebook as a Note on 19 August, 2011
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2011

Pninah Means Millson Mason wrote in a post on Facebook today (19 August, 2011)  "It is a command that when we return to the land, that we are to clear it of all the detestable things and all abominations.  [Ezekiel 11:17-21]. It is to be cleared of the evil, INCLUDING idolatry."

We have not done this, in spite of being over 60 years the sovereign rulers of the Land, and 44 years in control of all of it.  And now we are facing the consequences of our failures.

We are in the unfortunate position of having to go to war. We should have done the right thing a decade ago in strengthening southern Lebanon and tossing those treasonous women who wanted us to evacuate southern Lebanon into jail. But we did the opposite, and must now pay the consequence. And to compound the idiocy, we also pulled out of Gush Qatif. Therefore, what look like wars of aggression are really wars of self-defense.  And it's our own damned fault. We have no one to blame but ourselves - and the damned "peace" movement - for the need to go to war, and send our soldiers, our children,  in harm's way.

Our anger at the Gazan terrorists are leading many Israelis to demand a flattening of Gaza.  But that is our anger speaking - not good sense.  We must starve Gaza into submission because we have to save our ordnance and our air forces for the north - remember, nobody will re-supply us anymore.  We need to destroy our enemies in the north or face a missile assault that will destroy the infrastructure here altogether, and bring down the electric grid and water supply. Only offensive actions will keep our enemy from bringing down the grid and disrupting the water supply (and creating thousands of deaths from disease, starvation and bad sanitation).

Therefore,Tyre (and the rest of Shi'a controlled Lebanon) must be destroyed and Damascus must be made a rubble.  Ba'albek must be made a ruin.   Syria must be crippled - and lest Iran get in after attacking Kurdistan, we must attack Iran. For the Persians, we must use the nukes - partly to retard their nukes, and partly to weaken them so they can't fight.  We must nuke their bases, and nuke Teheran and Qom, the likely centers of command - and Qom especially so the Shi'a understand that Allah is on OUR side, not theirs.

We have to being willing to nuke Riyadh, as the Saudis have been the financial center of international terror, and have funded the Wahhabi hate movement that has turned Islam into a religion of war and active jihad to murder off the kuf'r, the infidel.  They too, must learn that Allah is on OUR side, for G-d is the G-d of Israel - AND WE ARE ISRAEL.  If the Wahhabi are willing to change their attitudes, which is highly unllikely - but not impossible, we can spare them.

This leaves four groups of possible enemies.

The first are the rebels we ourselves have enabled in our own stupidity, the "Palestinians".   We must try not to kill the "Palestinians" if we can avoid it, for the majority of them were once Jews, and were forced to convert to the religion of the Muslim occupier.  A door must be left open to them to live with us in peace, and hopefully return to the Jewish fold they were forced to leave.  If they refuse to live with us in peace, then we must be prepared to expel them from the Land, and force them across the Jordan.  But in any event, the terror regime we ourselves erected, the Palestinian Authority, we ourselves must destroy.  Otherwise there will be nothing but war with our neighbors. 

The second enemy is Egypt.  If Egypt, seeing all that we are doing, decides to go to war, or allow terrorists in the Sinai to go to war, they must be warned that if this continues, we will occupy the Sinai and annex it.  If they still refuse to heed our words, we must bomb the Aswan High Dam and destroy Egypt entirely with the flood-waters of Lake Nasser - for they will go to war over the Sinai.  And we may not be able to afford another war on a southern front.

The third likely enemy are the Turks.  It would be preferable to deal with the Turks after the Egyptians, just so that they understand what we are willing to do to them.   But we may not be left that luxury.  In any event, fighting the Turks  will engage our navy and air-forces fully, and they will not be an easy enemy to defeat, should we have to fight them.  We came close to war in 2010; the Turks had stationed troops in Turkish Cyprus to attack us when the Mavi Marmara was confronted.  It was, believe it or not, President Obama of the United States who stopped them.  Otherwise,we would have been at war with Turkey on 31 May, 2010.

The final enemy are the Americans and the Europeans.  And make no mistake about it.  The American government will be an enemy and the European Union will be an enemy.  And they will be far deadlier to deal with than the Arabs, Persians or Turks.  But we will have to deal with them.  And we may appear to lose.  There comes a time when a nation has to turn to its G-d and appeal to Him for salvation, and this will be that time.  This will be the time for the G-d of Israel to work His wonders, and in facing these seemingly formidable powers, we will need all the faith we can muster.  Help may come from entirely unexpected quarters, and for unexpected reasons.

We have finally come to the point I foresaw a decade ago, where our military force alone would not be emough to defeat our enemies, as it had seemed to be in decades past.  We will need the help of the Living G-d of Israel.  So, let's turn to Him first, in facing the stormy days ahead.  And then, having begged the Almighty to stand with us in this terrible day of need, let's all say a prayer for the kids we send to fight for us,  for ourselves, and for all the Children of Israel, the Children of the Southern Tribes, and the Children of the Northern Tribes..

Shabbat Shalom from Ma'ale Levona.
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