25 November 2006

Life in Israel – Another Police Volunteer Goes on the Long Patrol


Copyright © R. Kossover, November 2006

You never know who you will meet in the small world that is the Jewish community. Appearances are very deceiving. An old man, or someone who looks like an old man, may be a treasure trove or a genius. I have met several people like this as a police volunteer who are members of our unit. I originally met Alan Novins on a bus traveling to the Russian Compound, which is where the Israel Police is headquartered in Jerusalem. He was tall, white haired with a thoughtful and intelligent face. How intelligent the mind behind the face really was disclosed itself over time.

Alan Novins grew up in New England, went to top flight universities in the United States, involved himself in politics, and became an influential lawyer. He retired to Israel where he chose to volunteer in the unit I serve in. When I first entered the unit four years ago, he wore sergeant’s stripes on his uniform. He was the fellow you went to when you needed an addition to the uniform; he went along on target practices and gun training, assisting with such tasks as making sure everyone who was supposed to be there was there, making sure that each person’s score was recorded, things of this nature. As he acquired higher rank, first becoming a first sergeant, and then a second lieutenant, his tasks increased, and his quiet way with people smoothed many issues along and got things done. Every unit needs a competent administration officer who gets the business of the unit done, and Alan’s lawyering skills made him an excellent administration officer. He dealt with all things administrative; payroll, information management, uniforms supply and the like.

Last year in the autumn of 2005 he took a trip with his wife, Nancy, around the world. He went to Russia, to Mongolia, Tibet, to China, to Japan eventually returning home to Israel filled with adventures, stories of yurts, gardens and mountains. It was the trip of a lifetime.

His stories stimulated a great deal of conversation in the unit. One of our unit members is a fellow who had been stationed in Afghanistan a number of years ago, and he shared his own tales of a country at relative peace. Provincial ignoramuses like me learn a great deal from all of these discussions, which took place while weapons were issued to members before going on patrol.

This autumn, Second Lieutenant Alan S. Novins of the Unit of Volunteer Police took ill. He had been in hospital for a number of weeks with myeloma, and his condition did not improve with time. This last Thursday, he was dispatched by the Executive Field Officer of the Universe to the Long Patrol. We do not know how long the assignment is but have faith that we shall see Second Lieutenant Novins again soon upon the t’Hiyát haMetím, (the rising of the dead upon the coming of the messiah)..

ברוך דיין אמת
barúkh dayán emét,
Blessed is the True Judge

Second Sergeant, Reuven Kossover,
the Unit of Volunteer Police

01 November 2006

News Analysis From Israel – The Evil Will Come From the North: Part 3: THE IMMINENCE OF WAR


 Copyright © R. Kossover, November 2006

Ma’ale Levona, Israel
11 Heshvan 5767; 1 November, 2006

In the Hebrew Bible, in the book bamidbár, known in English as Numbers, Bila’am, the seer hired by King Balak of Moav to curse the Children of Israel, tells his employer, “I shall advise your people what this people will do to your people in the End of Days” (bamidbár/Numbers 24:14, in part). He continues, “I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter bearer from Israel; and he shall pierce the nobles of Moav and all the children of Seth” (bamidbár/Numbers 24:17).

What for Bila’am was “not now” or “not near” is for us near and now. War is imminent in the Middle East. Its general pattern can be discerned by reading Bila’am’s prophecy (bamidbár/Numbers 24:24-17) backwards, a procedure advised in the Book of yish’ayá/Isaiah. There is much information in the Hebrew Bible that is encoded, and in the case of Bila’am’s prophecies, the key to the code is that one needs to read them in reverse order.

On 6 September, I wrote part I of this article, not ever realizing that there might be a part II or part III. In that article, I cited a DEBKAfiles report of a naval buildup off south Lebanon, DEBKAfile’s analysis of the reasons it was there and my own, which differed considerably. In short, DEBKAfiles smelled a rat, and said so, but it smelled the wrong rat. That was the article in a nutshell.

Nine days later, I wrote an article crowing abut the change in DEBKAfile’s tune in reporting about the fleet off Lebanon. This article also analyzed the seriousness of Iran’s intent to go to war, and the possible consequences, and examined the possibility of major power shifts here. I raised the possibility of President Katzav being railroaded out of office less than a year before his term ends. Katzav is a figurehead. Why spend money and time on a media circus and press lynch, even if he is guilty of rape? We see why now. For some compelling reason, Shimon Peres wants to be state president. To yours truly, a suspicious fellow, that means that Peres has some plan which requires an empty presidential office. That was the second article in a nutshell.

HizbAllah did what I expected and reasserted its control over south Lebanon, barring UN access to a good part of the territory under its control. Last week, there was a confrontation between a German ship in the huge flotilla off Lebanon and two Israeli F16’s. And there has been a major change adopted in the Israeli system of government. The next president will be a powerful official in the government.

At the end of September, events began moving in a direction that did not surprise me, except for their speed in developing.

Two or three battle groups of the American fleet started sailing for this part of the world, in what ostensibly were to be battle exercises, called “war games.” They arrived here a few days ago, which is when DEBKAfiles reported on them. At first they were announced to be part of what the Americans had called them, “war games.” But on 30 October, DEBKAfiles” was singing a different tune.

Some of the words of the new song go like this:

Hundreds of US and allied war ships foregathered in the strategic seas of the Middle East and India in the last days of October 2006 for two primary missions: To prepare for a US-led military strike against Iran which has stepped up its uranium enrichment program with a second centrifuge project - undeterred by the prospect of UN sanctions; and measures to fend off palpable al Qaeda threats to oil targets.

It is highly doubtful that Al Qaeda will strike at oil targets owned by the family of ibn Sa’úd, the thugs who rule Arabia. They are two branches of the same outfit, the Wahhabi war machine that is trying to spread its version of “Islam” using every method possible. But you cannot convince secular intelligence analysts who dismiss religion of this. In their eyes, everything has a price and all one need do is to discover the price and find a way to pay the price, and whatever one desires is theirs. War in the service of a messianic ideal, such as we see from Iran, or war based on conscience and long range planning, such as we see out of Saudi Arabia, is just not within the mind-set of the secular Jews in DEBKAfiles. All they understand is money and power. It should never be forgotten that DEBKAfiles is the Mossad’s back door news service.

So the fleet off of Lebanon and the massive U.S. buildup off of Iran and India are to deal with Iran – and what else?

The “what else” is what this article is all about.

Expecting an attack from Iran – Stage 2 of the “rocket therapy”

Part of the “what else” is that this country will be attacked by Iran if the United States attacks Iran. We’ve already been attacked by the Iranians via the good offices of their lapdogs, HizbAllah. That was the “rocket therapy” that changed many Israeli minds about “peace” and “roadmaps” and the other trash that foreign powers try to shove down our throats, always with the “best of intentions.” The Iranians learned something very important via that rocket barrage over the summer – they learned that this country has no effective shield to stop incoming rockets and missiles.

But this attack will be more severe. No matter what weapons the Americans use to attack Iran, the Iranians will somehow manage to destroy a good part of this country when they do attack us.

Spitting in G-d’s face

Another part of the “what else” is that Israeli government officials spitting in G-d’s face will not continue with impunity. What do I mean by this? The expulsion of Jews from Gush Qatif was spitting in G-d’s face; so was the expulsion of Jews from ‘Amona; so were the arrests of teenagers who protested these expulsions and more importantly, the unjust way that due process was perverted to hold these kids in jail for months on end with no reason. Recently, 20 people were expelled from their homes on administrative detention orders and in addition, kids putting up posters protesting this act were arrested. Recently, orders were given for the destruction of more homes in Samaria, not too far away from here, in fact. The date of the destruction was 31 October, and it has not occurred. This is a sign that the ability of the Israeli government to carry out its directives is indeed beginning to collapse, particularly when they spit in G-d’s face.

There is another act of spitting in G-d’s face, a pagan provocation painted up as a “gay pride parade”. An event like this has historic significance in New York; there it commemorates an actual occurrence where homosexuals refused to tolerate police harassment. But in Jerusalem, it is merely spitting in G-d’s face, purposely pursuing the kind of event that would take place in a pagan temple in His holy city. Briefly, what I am getting at (and this is a very controversial assertion to make) is that it was normal to have sexual orgies of various kinds in pagan temples in Canaan, and it was this behavior that was targeted in the Torah. The mentality of the secular Israeli élite that ru(i)ns this country is such that not only do they have to pour contempt on their religious brothers, they have to stick their middle finger up at G-d, too. What goes on in the rest of the world is one thing. Here, in the Land gifted to the Children of Israel by the Creator of the Universe, showing off homosexual relations where it can be witnessed is an abomination (Vayikrá/Leviticus 18:22) that has consequences for those who do it and for those who allow it done (Vayikrá/Leviticus 18:24-28).

This parade is scheduled for 10 November, the day that the Nazis destroyed synagogues and homes in Germany in 1938 (Kristallnacht), and began serious and violent persecution of Jews in there. So not only is G-d’s face being spat into by these fools, the memory of the Jews who died on 9-10 November 1938, is also being defaced. We will return to this date, for it is of some significance.

The ratcheting up of tensions in the Middle East and Central Asia – spreading the gunpowder

Generally unreported in the media has been the ratcheting up of tensions all across western and central Asia. Michel Chossudovsky, who covers this field from an anti-Israel perspective, has been keeping a close watch on the real rulers of North America and what they have been up to lately.

If one peruses Global Research.ca, where Professor Chossudovsky writes, one learns, among other things, that the United States now is in a situation where the president there can declare martial law with the stroke of a pen. And now we reach the nub of the “what else.”

There will be elections in the United States on 7 November, and it is likely that the Bush administration will be crippled in these elections by losing control of Congress. One article at Global Research.ca speculates,

The political stakes are high. If the Republicans lose control of the House, John Conyers would become the Chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee where he would wield the power to launch investigations into any of several potentially impeachable offenses. If the Republicans lose control of the Senate, Senator Ted Kennedy would become Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and he could launch public hearings into the scandals now swirling around of the Bush White House. Imagine: Ted Kennedy presiding over an official investigation into Bush’s clandestine eavesdropping, wiretapping and mail-openings aimed at US citizens or the torture cases of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. There are plenty of potentially explosive scandals, and the Republicans realize that they could face the political Apocalypse if they lose the midterm elections this November. Their fears are driving them to draft plans for a political Gotterdammerung of their own, replete with nuclear weapons and a president who has recently refused to remove the ‘nuclear option’ from the negotiating table.”

If the elections in the States do not take place, or have to be delayed because of an event that is of overriding concern, an event which precipitates a declaration of martial law, many of the problems that dealing with an unruly legislative opposition will be solved. This brings us to the key point of this article;

Why war may well be imminent.

It’s all a matter of what’s on the calendar. The event that needs to take place to cause a declaration of martial law in the United States is an attack of some kind either in the United States or in the Persian Gulf. It needs to be significant – significant enough to cause a significant response, not to mention significant enough to give an unpopular president enough wiggle room to garner support for a declaration of martial law at home. The plans are already in the works for an attack on Iran. The ships are there, the warplanes are there. The gunpowder is already sitting around the explosives – all that is needed is the lit match.

So the scenario runs this way. An event does occur. It is enough of an event to “convince” the administration in the United States to declare martial law and put whatever plans it has drawn up for an attack on Iran into effect.

From the point of view of an American administration flunky, this can be anytime from now until the next congress takes office in January, 2007. One needs to be flexible in one’s plans. It would be nice if the event took place before 7 November, so as to give the party of the president a boost in the polls, but if it takes place afterwards, then the congress can be dissolved and martial law declared afterwards.

Now, we get back to that “pride parade” in Jerusalem, the pagan provocation scheduled for 10 November. It is my guess that events will conspire to prevent its being held. It was originally scheduled for the summer of 2005 but the expulsion of Jewish residents from Gaza used up the security personnel that would have been needed to secure the homosexuals’ safety in Jerusalem. And make no mistake about it; this parade is not at all popular here. The government is planning to pull most of the border guards out of Judea and Samaria to protect the homosexuals who wish to march.

An event that would be sure to cause the cancellation of this parade would be a missile attack on this country. To get that missile attack, you need the provocation to cause it – an American attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

So let us look at some dates that would be useful to accomplish the goals, of both causing a cancellation of the pagan provocation parade in Jerusalem, and nullifying a congressional election in the States, either the election itself, or its results. Let us also bear in mind that if this is a Divine Mind planning all this, there will be a grim sense of humor to it all, something to give Jews who do pay attention to the calendar (like me) reason to pay more attention. There is already one date that falls into the grim humor category, the date of the parade. The parade itself scheduled for a Friday. One can expect the “celebrants” to begin partying down in their hotels on 9 November, a Thursday night, which in Israel is a lot like Friday night is in America and Europe, the opening of the weekend. The Shabbat (Friday night to Saturday evening) after the parade is Shabbat V’Erá, the Shabbat when one reads in the Torah of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Shabbat before the parade is Shabbat Lekh L’khá, when one reads in the Torah about a major regional conflict in which Abraham plays a role. A grim sense of humor would be to begin a major regional conflict after Shabbat Lekh L’khá and before Shabbat V’Erá. To a non-Jew looking at his calendar, that means between 4 November and 9 November 2006.

And after the explosion?

There is one “what else” that has not yet been dealt with. What are all these European soldiers and marines going to do if they are not going to attack Iran? They are going to come here as peace keepers of one variety or another. Their job will be to see to it that we here finally lose our sovereignty, while the Arabs get to live under a neo-colonial régime that doesn’t care a whit about them. And what will all those American fighting men be doing after they have nuked Iran? They will come here to make sure the Europeans don’t get too big a hunk of the place. Once Iran is dealt with, the Bush administration can "nativize" the conflict in Iraq and send a lot of its boys west in trucks and tanks to Jordan to keep a close eye on us – and the Europeans.

Buried deep in this Chicago Tribune article from 5 October is the fact that a German naval patrol sits off the Horn of Africa. Why?

I’m only speculating here, but given that the Horn of Africa is south of Eilat, these ships can sail into the Red Sea and secure it for the Europeans. What I’m getting at is there will be competition between the Europeans and the Americans that will eventually break out into open conflict between them.

I’m not saying that the European forces will move in right away, or that the American forces will move in right away. But I am saying that the stage will have been set, and within a short time after the Iranian beast being defanged, this country will lose its sovereignty.

That will set the stage for the next chapter of this country’s history.

In the meantime, we see the events of Bila’am’s prophecy begin to come true:
“Big ships from the coast of Kittim will afflict Assyria and afflict the other bank – but it too, will be forever destroyed.” (bamidbár/Numbers 24:24)