17 March 2010

Bullying Israel Will Bring an Outpouring of G-d's Wrath upon America


Originally published in Blogcritics Magazine, 17 March 2010
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2010

When we first moved to Israel, we lived at an absorption center in southeastern Jerusalem. As I got more familiar with Jerusalem, I got to realizing that the main drag in southern Jerusalem was the Hebron Road that leads to – Hebron - and turns into Highway 60 south of the city. The bus to the center of the city travels along the Hebron Road – as do many other bus lines in southern Jerusalem.

One day, while we were waiting for a bus to the center of the city, one of our kids, upon seeing a bunch of IDF jeeps passing near the absorption center asked if we were in danger, and I joked that the only time we would be in danger would be if we saw American jeeps tooling up and down the Hebron Road.

Little did I know.

The Petraeus Briefing you didn't know about

Just this morning (17 March 2010) I got this e-mail from a neighbor of mine, the wife of a veteran of the US Armed Forces.

Remember how some Rabbis have said in the past, how when we are finally being threatened by the US, and we turn to HaShem (a term referring to G-d) only and break our ties with the US, Redemption is quickly going to follow?

Well, read this! The real background to Biden's/Hillary's/Obama's tantrum is much more serious and ominous that we have been reading/hearing about on the news. Here is the background to what led up to the recent Biden position — a very real possibility of a US military takeover of the West Bank via Petraeus. The excuse? US soldiers are dying because we live out here. This is the real threat and pressure that Netanyahu (and also all of us) is under.

She cited an article in Foreign Policy detailing how General Petraeus basically asked for control of this “theater of operations”. Put simply, he related traveling to various Arab capitals and being told that the Arabs viewed what they termed as “Israeli intransigence”, the refusal of the Israeli government to jump when told, as a situation that makes America look weak in the Arab world. So, now there is a fear (these guys never say that “they are scared”) that American soldiers elsewhere in the Middle East will die because Arabs will view them as targets – all because I live in Ma’ale Levona in violation of US policy! Obviously the Cerberus, Obama/Biden/Clinton, who runs the American hell doesn’t care about me personally. It’s the lot of us uppity arrogant sheenies daring to endanger the lives of American soldiers by daring to defy the Almighty Word of some arrogant fool in the White House.

I remember warning about this very possibility, an American invasion of Israel, from the day I realized in 2002 that an invasion of Iraq was inevitable. What would happen once the Iraqis got their butts whipped? Where would the Great American "Saviors" go next? In 2003 or 2004, they could have gone home – but since the 2008 financial crack-up, bringing all those soldiers home from Iraq all at once would not be a good idea. With official unemployment at almost 10% in the States, loading another 100,000 guys onto the economy to find work is not the wisest idea. Even a dummy like Obama could figure that out.

And now General Petraeus rides to Obama’s rescue! What a guy!! After Obama made himself look like a common street whore to be kicked by Arabs by bowing and scraping all over the Arab world, is it any wonder that a Jew – a sick pathetic Jew – should make Obama or any of his flunkies look like trash by daring to stand up to unreasonable American demands? Petraeus' unspoken threat behind moving this area from the "European" (EU-COM's) theater of operations to his in the Middle East (CENTCOM's) - the unspoken threat of an American invasion - is music to Obama's ears, and especially music to people like Susan Powers, who advises him. Sending American soldiers to crack Jewish heads, crush Jewish resistance in Judea and Samaria and destroy our homes here is a great way to get them out of Iraq and not bring them home to the States!

Moving Israel from one operational theater to another will mean that all Obama has to do is make a speech pointing his bony finger at Israel, saying that "regretably, Israel is on the wrong side of history". Heck, I could practically write that speech myself! General Petraeus would take care of all the logistical details for him, and Obama can come out smelling like a war hero!

Do we in Israel have what it takes?

As I predicted, Obama has torn the false mask of American friendship from the “special relationship” between Israel and America. America is clearly revealed to be an imperialist bully willing to sacrifice the last Jew to obtain its aims in the Middle East. In doing this, Obama has done Israelis – particularly the Israeli officials who make it a habit to kiss American ass – a huge favor. It is obvious to all but the blind that the American regime is an enemy – a mortal enemy – that must be dealt with as such.

The real question is does the regime here have the cojones to actually do this?

In the end, that is the real question. Worshiping America and its seeming power is a form of idolatry. Hence my neighbor’s comment that, “when we are finally being threatened by the US, and we turn to G-d only and break our ties with the US, Redemption is quickly going to follow...” This is precisely what is being talked about here. It is fitting to note this in the days running up to Passover, a holiday celebrating our initial Redemption and rescue from Egyptian bondage. Rescue from American bondage will come at a terrible price to us Jews – particular those Jews who are unwilling to recognize G-d, and the Land, People and Torah Covenants between G-d and Children of Israel - but the Judgment delivered from On High upon America will be even more terrible.

From the Haggadá of Passover:

Pour out Your wrath upon the nations that know You not, and upon the families that call not on Your name; for they have devoured Jacob, yea, they have devoured him and consumed him, and have laid waste his habitation." (Psalms 79:6,7) “Pour out Your wrath on them; may Your blazing anger overtake them.” (Psalms 69:25) “Pursue them in wrath and destroy them from under the heavens of the Lord.” (Lamentations 3:66)

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10 March 2010

Time to Tell America to Go to Hell?


Originally published at Blogcritics Magazine on 9 March 2010.
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2010

The Sunday (07 March 2010) edition of the Hebrew daily, Ma'ariv, carried this headline, Obama's deputy [Vice President Joseph Biden] brings clear message to Israel: 'Don't attack Iran'"

There was a time, some forty years ago, when such messages would have been conveyed behind closed doors. Indeed, in 1967 and 1973 the Americans tried to bully Israel into eschewing preemptive strikes on the Arabs when clear intelligence indicated an intent to attack and destroy Israel. But the bullying was all done behind closed doors. Now the bullying is open and out in the open, and all the excuse making does not hide the fact that Obama and his sycophants are bullying Israel all the time. This is nothing but a falafel republic, on a lower level even than Lebanon.

When Israel ignored and defied the United States in 1967 it won a stunning victory, conquering the Sinai and liberating Gaza, Judea, Samaria, the Heights of Golan, and of course, unifying Jerusalem. When Israel caved in to American pressure in 1973, it fought desperately for its survival, suffering 2,500 casualties and losing diplomatically everywhere. The world is a cruel place and it stomps on losers. But more to the point, we can clearly see that the American government, no matter what face it puts on to the public to deceive it, is against the State of Israel. Its advice is inevitably a disaster for us.

Nevertheless, the American government cannot be blamed for the stupidity of the Israeli government, or its cowardice in not aggressively protecting the Jewish people from 1972 until today. This is true in spite of the fact that the Americans, through the CFR, the State Department and through the Ford Foundation, have corrupted Israeli institutions from the inside, and a once peaceful and sober society is becoming a land of violent thugs and drunks — just like America, which Israel imitates slavishly. The reason we in Israel cannot blame America is that there is such a thing as free will. One can always say "NO". It is much harder than saying "yes" — it is always harder to do what is right, as opposed to what is easy. But the choice still lies with our leaders, and we Israelis are responsible for the fact that we allow our leaders to commit treason in our name and sacrifice our sons and daughters for "peace", making it such that Israelis literally die to please Americans.

So it is useless for me to wave my fist at the Americans — satisfying as it might be. That is not the route to take.

Before we talk about the route we ought to take, let's deal with the standard chest-pounding whine of the Americans as they purple up in self-righteous anger, screaming, "we give you $3 billion a year in foreign aid!!!"

No, it don't work that way. The American government pays about $3 billion of its taxpayers' money for the privilege of controlling Israel's defense budget. Let's repeat that point to drive it home: THEY ARE BUYING CONTROL. It's kind of like buying the services of a whore. The john enjoys the whore and the whore gets to keep his money. The Americans have bought control, and we get to keep their money. If they can't comprehend that concept, they can screw themselves instead of us for a change. Indeed that appears more and more to be what "hope and change" is all about - Americans screwing themselves over.

Bless them. Now, back to telling the Americans to go to hell.

Up until the year 2000, telling the Americans to go to hell would have been unthinkable. The American dollar (and its T-bills) were viewed as though they possessed the solidity of gold. But in 2000, investors in the dot.com start-ups, having blown up the value of these stocks like kids blow up balloons, panicked. They did not comprehend the exponential growth of information technology, and fearing for their profits, they ran to sell their shares. This panic ruined the companies that were to carry America triumphantly into the 21st century. The failure of these investors to realize that the companies they had invested in needed a few more years to turn out fantastic profits killed the future of the American economy.

And countries produce their way out of recessions. American businessmen, having killed off (temporarily) the engine of growth in the States, were reluctant to allow the economy to really recede because they had nothing to produce. So they started selling snake oil instead of prosperity and recovery. Real estate prices ballooned, credit expenditure ballooned, the packaging of bad mortgages ballooned into a growth industry, and the relaxations of regulations over equity sellers and banks (from the Reagan and Clinton administrations) turned Wall Street into a casino.

After 11 September, the irresponsible spending of the Bush administration on its "war on terror", added to the dangers of the fake prosperity of the Ponzi schemes pushed by bankers and this set the stage for the inevitable crack-up. The crack-up took place in September 2008, and we are still seeing its consequences.

Others have outlined in more detail the sources of this crack-up elsewhere. Suffice it to say that no single policy or single leader can be held solely responsible. So all the screaming about Obama ruining the economy is overdone - he has only continued the failed policies of the Clinton and Bush administrations, and in doing so has worsened the inevitable hell Americans will go through when their dollar does collapse. And that collapse is coming.

American pension funds are hemorrhaging; commercial real estate is on the verge of a severe downturn; the official unemployment rate (I believe for January 2010) in the States is 9.7% - half the real number; and to put the nail in the coffin, the "stimulus" packages of unreal dollars may have kept the economy from collapsing immediately. But after the November elections (assuming they actually take place) the effect of the spending of the stimulus money and all the new taxes the Obama administration will attempt to impose to obtain the semblance of fiscal sanity, will drive the American economy over the cliff. The desperate effort to prevent America from being flushed down the toilet will fail.

And down they will go.

The biggest threat the Americans pose to this country is economic. The American economy is staggering like a drunk about to fall off his barstool. Would you listen to a drunk about to fall off his stool in a bar? I certainly wouldn't! So if Joe Biden and a parade of other idiots come here at the bidding of this drunk telling us not to attack Iran, in spite of the existential threat they pose us, should we listen to them? What will the Americans do? Nuke us? Deny us $2.7 billion of their worthless foreign aid?

I don't think our corrupted and bought out leaders, bad as they are, will listen. At least I pray they don't. They've been warned of what Obama might be trying to pull off. And truth of the matter is, except for the drunken Rabin, and that raving egomaniac, Ehud Barak, the American government was always trying to undermine whoever has been prime minister here. I think even the craven prostitutes and traitors in the government (except for Barak) have finally figured out the US government for what it is - a mortal enemy.

So, yes, it is time to tell the American government to go to hell. It should have been done in June 2002, in fact. Better late than never, though.

It is not advisable to do this if it can at all be avoided but if it does actually come to it, we will have to nuke our enemies in Persia. Therefore, if that terrible time actually does arrive, we must not shrink from saying, with a sinking and heavy heart, Tehran delenda est! "Tehran must be destroyed!"

And if our leaders do indeed prove to be too cowardly to do what is necessary - telling the Americans off and attacking Iran in such a way that they will not be able to respond - at least from Iran - we'll have to rise up and "scour the shire" so to speak.

Those of us who rise to "scour the shire" will need the courage of Dov Gruner, one of the oléi hagardóm, brave fighters against the British and Arabs in the pre-State years, who was hung for resisting the illegal rule of the foreigner, and who told the court trying him this:

You came to Palestine because of the commitment you undertook at the behest of all the nations of the world to rectify the greatest wrong caused to any nation in the history of mankind, namely the expulsion of Israel from their land, which transformed them into victims of persecution and incessant slaughter throughout the world. It was this commitment - and this commitment alone - which constituted the legal and moral basis for your presence in this country. But you betrayed it willfully, brutally and with satanic cunning. You turned your commitment into a mere scrap of paper...

You should know this: There is no power in the world that can sever the tie between the Jewish people and their one and only land. Whosoever tries to sever it - his hand will be cut off and the curse of G-d will rest on him forever.

Before he died, he wrote his commander, MenaHem Begin, the following:
There are many schools of thought as to how a Jew should choose his way of life. One way is that of the assimilationists who have renounced their Jewishness. There is also another way, the way of those who call themselves 'Zionists' - the way of negotiation and compromise, as if the existence of a nation were nothing but another transaction. They are not prepared to make any sacrifice, and therefore they have to make concessions and accept compromises. Perhaps this is indeed a means of delaying the end but, in the final analysis, it leads to the ghetto. And let us not forget this: in the ghetto of Warsaw alone, too, there were five hundred thousand Jews.
The only way that seems, to my mind, to be right, is the way of the irgún tzvai leumí [Etze"l], the way of courage and daring without renouncing a single inch of our homeland. When political negotiations prove futile, one must be prepared to fight for our homeland and our freedom. Without them the very existence of out nation is jeopardized, so fight we must with all possible means. This is the only way left to our people in their hour of decision: to stand on our rights, to be ready to fight, even if for some of us this way leads to the gallows…
The people in place of the cowardly leaders thrown out will have to strike Iran preemptively and end the existence of the terrorist PA. Hopefully before the first Iranian missiles hit our cities.

It's us or them.

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