24 March 2011

Three Attacks in One Day; Thoughts on a Murdered Family - Time to Go to War Again?

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by Reuven Kossover on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 1:06am
It was a rotten day in Israel Wednesday.  When a Grad rocket struck Be'ersheva early that morning, residents found that the shelters they were to flee to were locked.

But that wasn't the worst of it.  On Tuesday, rockets hit Ashdod, and struck Be'ersheva the next morning, ; and 10 mortar shells hit towns near Gaza during the day.  Local residents say they have had it with the absent protection of the IDF.

The geniuses at the IDF (probably inspired by their pathetic 'Security" Minister" Barak) responded with 'Pretend It's Not Happening'

The final big attack of the day killed someone.  A terrorist placed a bomb in a phone booth and detonated it as a bus was taking on passengers near the binyanéi ha'umá, a kind of national convention center near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem.  Because the bomb was not strong enough, there were "only" 50 wounded, and one elderly woman killed.

Pretend it's not happening?  These idiots in command at the IDF can say, "pretend it's not happening."  They have to answer to their pathetic boss Ehud baráH, (he fled, in Hebrew), the creation of Bill Clinton, and who is now Hillary Clinton's bagman - who fled from South Lebanon in 2000, who as a procurement officer for the IDF, wanted to turn down the submarines we have from Germany, and who as commander in the First Lebanon War, allowed a group of 23 religious soldiers to go and die in an ambush at Sultan Yuqub - knowing they would be ambushed.  It was this human garbage (along with a lot of other human trash called "leaders" here) who supported the expulsion of Jews from Gush Qatif in 2005.

It was this human garbage, Ehud Barak, who weakened the security and eliminated much of the funding for the security fence around the village of Itamar, only a few kilometers from here.   It was this human garbage, under the pressure of Barack Hussein Obama (American human garbage), who eliminated checkpoints around Sh'khém that allowed terrorists easier access to the Jewish population.

And we cannot pretend that THIS didn't happen on 11 March 2011.  The Fogel family was forced to leave Gush Qatif by the animals in Tel Aviv who live in their fantasy bubble, and the goons they employ who have the guns.  They should have been in Netzarim.  But driven out pof their homes, they were in Itamar.  Arabs got into Itamar because of a weak fence, and were trained by Americans for a mission of quick kills.  There will be no retribution for this from the IDF, which is pretending it never happened.  And even 12 year old Tamar Fogel, who found her parents and siblings murdered in their sleep on Shabbat at midnight had enough sense to tell the Prime Minister "You're afraid.  You're afraid that if you do something America will do something to you."  His words in response - "they kill, and we'll build" are lame - and they are lies.

These bastards cut our security, blame us when Arab animals slaughter our children, and allow anarchists, leftists and whores who do not deserve the protective shield of the G-d of Israel over this land to come and provoke violence in our lands on our holidays, and dare tell us to "pretend it didn't happen"?

Is it time to go to war again?   Is it time to finally bomb the Gaza Strip to powder and let the world bitch and moan and go to hell if they don't like it?  I sure hope so.  If the EU and the US of A want to intervene here as they tried to in Libya and Serbia, it is time to blow up nukes in the skies above Berlin and Rome and take out the European continent's ability to function, as well as the Fifth Fleet's ability to function.  It is time to assert our freedom from the scum in America and Europe who nod with approval when Jews die, and it is time to murder off our murderers.  Peace be damned!

But more important, it is time to get rid of the leftist Jewish slime in Israel.  Overseas, foreigners will kill off these Jews because they are too stupid to come home, and too damned arrogant to understand that the only really safe place for a Child of Israel is the Land of Israel.  But here, we must get rid of them - before they destroy us - one family at a time.


Blogger Dan Miller said...

Ruvy, here is an article I wrote on March 13, entitled "Palestinian heroes are little worse than venomous snakes." I wrote it only semi-tongue in cheek and largely in response to the very loud absence of coverage in the "legacy media."


26 March, 2011 23:54  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Thank you very much! I posted the link to that article at BC along with my thanks to real friends - like you.

27 March, 2011 00:10  

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