11 April 2014

Netanyahu's Regime Showing its True Traitorous Face in Yizhar


י'א בניסן, התשע''ד
כל זכויות שמורות Ⓒ, ר. קוסובר  
11 April, 2014
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The true face of a regime determined to destroy the Jewish homes in the Jewish homeland has shown its face in Yitzhar recently, first in the destruction of Jewish homes there, and then in the seizure of the 'Od Yosef Ḥai Yeshiva by the military, today.  Some of you may remember the original 'Od Yosef Ḥai Yeshiva from an event in late 2000, when a yeshiva student was killed, and when the IDF did the unthinkable, leaving a wounded soldier, Mudhuf Yusef, to die at the hands of enemy terrorists when they seized Joseph's Tomb and desecrated it.

On the leftist Voice of Israel English News broadcast at 12:30, Friday afternoon, the leader of the opposition echoed the former leader of the Labor Party, Shim'on Peres, in calling for Israel Police and military to be withdrawn from Yitzhar, whining that the residents are not satisfied with the protection offered by the Israel Police and the IDF.  The death toll of residents of the village over the last two decades shows the quality of the alleged "protection".

The problem is simple.  The Israeli government, needing some excuse to pursue its suicidal policy of talking with its would-be executioners about handing over sovereign Israeli territory to foreign-funded terrorist murderers, needed a vehicle, a means of focusing the public's attention on, the fictional "extremist" Jewish residents of Samaria.  All this fuss over Yitzhar is that vehicle.  The minute one sees behind the curtain of bullshit and baloney of the section of the Shaba"k devoted to delegitmizing the settlement enterprise in Samaria and Judea, the whole strategy becomes obvious, and obviously painful.

This is not new.  It has been done numerous times.  Barry Chamish and others have recounted how a Jewish doctor living in Hevron was turned into a "murderer" by the machinations of the Shaba"k, which, using two agents, led him to the Ma'arat MaHpela, and then shot at a whole bunch of Muslim worshipers there, killing many, and then fleeing, locking the doors behind them, while the remaining worshipers killed the one person who had not tried to kill them at all, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, z''l, hy''d.  In the ensuing uproar, the then sitting Netanyahu regime handed control over Hevron to PA terrorists.  And Dr.  Goldstein's name has been smeared for the last two decades.

What the Netanyahu regime did then was lashon ha'r'a on speed.  Do you think his regime would shrink from such acts now?  

This is not the first of many, many articles detailing what kind of traitor sits as prime minister in his office on Government Hill in Jerusalem.  A good question to ask is,  "how does this article get Netanyahu and his fellow traitors into handcuffs?"  Or, "how does this get him closer to the hanging rope?"

The answer is that this article by itself, makes those who read it more aware.  That is all such an article can hope to do - raise awareness.  Those who practice hasbara, whether for pay or for love, are doing the same thing - raising awareness.

The game-changer comes when you get a half-million people into Jerusalem at the right time of day, doing what the French mob did on Bastille Day, 1789 - seizing power.   Getting that done is a whole different kettle of fish.  But, as we have seen recently, in a number of different ways and places, it can be done.

So, one should never lose hope. 

Shabbat shalom u'mevorakh from Ma'ale Levona, overlooking the road of the Patriarchs that our ancestors used to settle here 40 centuries ago.

21 October 2013

Just a Short Update on Why You Are Seeing Changes Here

21 October, 2013
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Recently, I stopped using my desktop computer and started using a laptop gotten from a Swede on whom a friend installed Linux Mint.  I've gotten used to working on a Swedish keyboard (which uses American English) !  I have language support in English, Hebrew, and Pashto, but I cannot get my computer to use the international English keyboard or to give me the options to type in Hebrew (or Pashto).  So, you are seeing the results.  If you have any ideas to help me, please let me know!


China Moving in on the Dollar - the Increasing Illiquidity of the United States Dollar

A compilation of postings on Facebook in the last few days (17 to 21 October, 2013)

Copyright for my comments on the linked articles:  Copyright, R. Kossover, 2013

17 October, 2013

This is where it gets personal for ALL of us. Gotten from Lauro Padron. Read carefully and PAY ATTENTION. Translate this into other languages for those who are unable to read English. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

If major AMERICAN banks are doing this, you can bet your bottom whatever you use that major banks where you live are prepared to follow suit soon.


19 October, 2013

Shavua Tov,

I got this from my buddy, Al Cuppett. He talks about his stint at the Dept. of Commerce. Then follows what I'm posting below. But I can go one better. Adina used to work at the Department of the Treasury, and she was in charge of, among other things, office supplies. If she wanted pencils, for example, she just couldn't go down to an office supply shop and buy a dozen or two for the office and be reimbursed from a petty cash fund like I did at Burger King. No, she had to place an order all the way to St. Louis, where just getting pencils took over a week! Now feast your eyes on this e-mail sent to Al Cuppett by Pat.

From: Pat
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:35 PM
To: Alex
Subject: ok, i found my paper copy in the trash and copied it...i'm not the best typest so over look the typos.

Evidently the original that I sent out was "blank" in the context; so here it is again..Hope this goes thru as it sure makes alot of sense.




End of Pat's email. Next time you read ANYTHING about the American government, make sure your bullshit detection meter is set to HIGH..

20 October, 2013

This is one of those no-brainer articles that appear, like ones that tell you that water is wet. But no-brainer that it might be, it contains a basic message that cannot be ignored - and too many DO ignore it - especially all those Israeli entrepreneurs who sell their ISRAELI companies to foreigners for a bundle of dollars and pat themselves on the back, thinking, "oh, what a smart Jew-boy am I".

The money lines from this money article:

"China is the largest producer of gold in the world, and it has also been importing an absolutely massive amount of gold from other nations. But instead of slowing down, the Chinese appear to be accelerating their gold buying. In fact, money manager Stephen Leeb says that his sources are telling him that China plans to buy another 5,000 tons of gold. There are many that are convinced that China eventually plans to back the yuan with gold and try to make it the number one alternative to the U.S. dollar.

So exactly what would happen if the Chinese announced someday that they were going to back their currency with gold and would no longer be using the U.S. dollar in international trade?

This change is coming soon - very soon. The Chinese encourage their own citizens to hold gold and silver. Ought not we follow that same policy ourselves - even if our governments are too stupid, craven or short-sighted to encourage us to?


20 October, 2013

The following is to be read in conjunction with the few paragraphs above.

20 October, 2013

Daniel Katz, a Facebook poster who lives in Australia, posted the following below:

"You don't spend what you don't have. So if we want to spend, we'll need to find somewhere else to cut. This is the rule that families across this country follow every single day -- and there's no reason why their government shouldn't do the same. " - President Obama February 23, 2009


And people have the chutzpah to call me a troll when I dare to criticise this bullshitting apostate Muslim anti POTUS Caliph Barry fcuking Soetoro.

A Stinking loser and equally stinking hypocrite with a failed foreign policy endangering the world with his Muslim Brotherhood henchmen.

That undermined and betrayed Americans re-elected this treacherous mongrel douche bag because he promised them change is the only promise he has kept so far.

The only change they will have will be the few loose dimes and quarters that have not fallen through the holes in their pants pockets.

To say I dislike this filthy dog is an understatement.

He has turned the USA into a quagmire of desperation with a deceptively increasing 7% unemployment rate and the ever growing USD$17 TRILLION debt.

Read his words again:

" You don't spend what you don't have. So if we want to spend, we'll need to find somewhere else to cut. This is the rule that families across this country follow every single day -- and there's no reason why their government shouldn't do the same. " - President Obama February 23, 2009

Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/remarks-president-and-vice-president-opening-fiscal-responsibility-summit-2-23-09
21 October, 2013
The handwriting is on the wall. The Americans have been weighed and counted and found wanting: the Chinese will attempt to take their place with a gold backed reserve currency.  The bottom line here is not the growth of the Chinese economy. If they can monetize their currency, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GROWTH. Americans, who have an empty Fort Knox, by contrast, have only the economy of theirs to back up their bankrupt currency.
Nu,  it seems that I've been locked out of Facebook, and I've ignored this blogsite for too long.  So, I'm going through my "timeline" and posting there what I can now. 

Ben II posted this You Tube video concerning this, an RT interview with investment expert, Peter Schiff

This covers the most recent developments concerning the sinking Titanic of the United States dollar.

Obama Finally Reveals that He is NOT an American

Posted originally on Facebook, on 21 October, 2013
Copyright, R. Kossover, 2013 - all rights reserved.

There is a video in this article, a compilation of various OTHER videos condemning the man for various sins. Between 1:35 and 1:55, into the video, you see a conference of some sort, what appears to be an informal question and answer session, where Obama states point blank, "I'm NOT an American; I come from Kenya." Guys, don't believe me. What do I know about this illegal alien who has snookered the American people and who is bringing their country down to the dirt? BELIEVE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II!!!


The Kossover Plan for the Reunification of the Hebrew People

Posted originally on Facebook on 22 July, 2013


טו באב, התשע''ג
22 July, 2013
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2013

This was originally sent as an e-mail to the individuals named below, as a result of an e-mail that Dennis Tate sent to mostly the same group of individuals.

Rabbi Eliyahu Hollander:
The Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper:
The Honourable Defence Minister of Canada, Mr. Peter Mackay:
The Honourable Minister, Mr. John Baird:
The Honourable Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau:
Dr. John Hamilton:
Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi:
Mr. Tsvi Misinai:
Mr. Mordechai Spiro:
Mr.Dennis Tate: 
Mr. Remy Ilona: 

Rabbi, Honourable Ministers and Gentlemen,

The body of the proposals that Mr. Dennis Tate has put forward, in my name, which he styled "The Kossover Plan for the Reunification of the Hebrew People" is really only a small part of my entire plan.  His submission to you of a small part of that plan forces me to put this forth in full to you gentlemen, that you may understand that there is more to my proposals than the small portion you have read.

 1.  At present, we have a situation where we have a PORTION of the Hebrew People, JEWS AND "PALESTINIANS" claiming rights to live in the land of Israel.  

1a  According to the research of Tsvi Misinai, a former hi-tech executive, we have clear evidence presented that the people we know as "Palestinians" are, in large percentage, the descendants of Jews who converted to Islam, likely to escape the jizya, the extra tax imposed in Muslim territories on non-Muslims.  Mr. Misinai has gathered this data and put it forth in a booklet "The Engagement", obtainable on-line.

1b. What you gentlemen have read here already is my proposal to deal with the issue of "Palestinians".   The phony "Kingdom of Jordan", created because then Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill was unwilling to dispatch troops to rid the Palestine Mandate of displaced Hashemite invaders in the 1920's, needs to be dismantled to make room for the millions of refugees who have been forced out of Israel, and who now rot in DP camps in Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere.  However the problem is far greater than the "Palestinians and the Israelis".   

1c. We have data from the Indian professor of Jewish history, Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, amongst others, that the Pashtun tribes living in Afghanistan and Pakistan are "the lost Ten Tribes" who were carted away by Senhariv, the Assyrian conqueror, twenty-eight centuries ago.  His research can also be obtained on-line. The Pashtuns, fighters and shepherds in the mountains, live in a state of constant warfare, where their own land is attacked by foreign forces from a variety of countries, ranging from the United Kingdom to Russia to the United States.

1d.  We have the work of Remy Ilona, an Igbo living in Nigeria, showing that the Igbo peoples (also known as Ibos) are descendants of Hebrew tribes who fled south at various points of the history of Israel.  During the era of British colonial rule, many Igbo were recruited as mid-level administrators throughout the West African protectorate now known as Nigeria.  After liberation from British rule, the native peoples rebelled against rule by the Igbo, attacked them in vicious pogroms, and the Igbo fled to the Eastern Region, their own, and declared independence from the Nigerian Federation under the name of Biafra.  This rebellion was suppressed and the Igbo now live in a state of semi-persecution in Nigeria.   

1e.  Finally, according to the Honourable MK Ayub Kara (Likud), HIS native people, the Druze, are descendants of one of our tribes.  The Druze live in what is now Israel, Lebanon and Syria.  You can verify this statement with the distinguished Member of the Knesset himself.  However what is of interest here to me is that WHERE THE DRUZE LIVE NOW will be within the borders of a future Kingdom of Israel.  

1f. So we can see that the Hebrew People, the Descendants of Israel, are NOT all Jews, and that in most cases live in situations that a nation on its own land, free and sovereign (like Canada), would not suffer. 


2. The Hebrew Bible, in the Prophetic Book Ezekiel, Chapter 37, provides some clue as to the future of the Hebrew People.  

2a. The first half of the Chapter (verses 1-14) talks of Ezekiel coming upon a valley of dry bones, which the L-rd brings back to life under his very eyes. It is not hard for modern eyes familiar with the terrible death ovens of the Nazis seven decades ago, to realize that this was an allusion to the starving living skeletons found by Allied troops as they liberated concentration camp after concentration camp as they rolled back the Nazi monstrosity in 1944-45. The creation of the State of Israel by an army of these living skeletons, and the remarkable technological development of the State of Israel in the 6 decades since its founding, testifies to what happens when Jews are unshackled from the chains of Muslim and Christian persecution. But as is obvious from the daily headlines, the task is not yet complete.

2b. The second half of Chapter 37(verses 15-28) talks of the reunification of ALL OF ISRAEL- NOT JUST JEWS.   We need to look at its text to discover what is being talked about.  So, let us do so.

2c.  15 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: 16 'And thou,son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it: For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions; then take another stick, and write upon it: For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and of all the house of Israel his companions; 17 and join them for thee one to another into one stick, that they may become one in thy hand.  18 And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying: Wilt thou not tell us what thou meanest by these? 19 say unto them: Thus saith the Lord GOD: Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph,which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his companions; and I will put them unto him together with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in My hand.  20 And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thy hand before their eyes.  21 And say unto them: Thus saith the Lord GOD: Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the nations,whither they are gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land; 22 and I will make them one nation in the land, upon the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be king to them all; and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all; 23 neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions; but I will save them out of all their dwelling-places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them; so shall they be My people, and I will be their God.  24 And My servant David shall be king over them, and they all shall have one shepherd;they shall also walk in Mine ordinances, and observe My statutes, and do them.  25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob My servant, wherein your fathers dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, they, and their children, and their children's children, for ever; and David My servant shall be their prince forever.  26 Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them--it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; and I will establish them, and multiply them, and will set My sanctuary in the midst of them for ever.  27 My dwelling-place also shall be over them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.  28 And the nations shall know that I am the LORD that sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for ever.' http://www.mechon-mamre.org/e/et/et1237.htm

2d.  Now, having looked at the source text, the text that provides the VISION OF A REUNITED ISRAEL, let us look at some of the stickier details, and how the VISION set forth above relates to them. 

2d.1)  There will be no Christianity or Islam amongst the Children of Israel.  Children of Israel who are presently Christians (like most of the Igbo and some of the Palestinians), and Muslims (like most of the Palestinians and the Pashtuns) will walk away from these erroneous paths and return to TORAH LAW.  Since many of the Palestinians were originally JEWS, some means of reintegrating them AS JEWS will need to be found.

2d.2)  Those Children of Israel who are not Jews (remember there are TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL), will return to Torah Law, and will practice the faith of their ancestors - without the idols and detestable things referred to in the text above.  I am not entirely prepared to say what this means, but I sense that much of what passes for "modern culture" in the West will be discarded.

2d.3)  The text in Ezekiel refers repeated to a kingdom.  As we all know, the present Zionist régime of the State of Israel is a republic with a symbolic president and a prime minister.  Implied in the text is that this republic will cease to be and that a descendant of David by blood will be the monarch,and HIS descendants will rule here - forever.  When we examine the military and security "situation" in the area, it is evident that we are surrounded by hostile forces with tens of thousands of missiles that can destroy the State in a coordinated missile attack.  Implied, both from reading these verses, and other verses referring to a future war here, is that the present State will fall in war - but a JEWISH ENTITY will arise in its place.  This entity, born in a battle for survival, will be ruled by a Regency Council if the messianic descendant of David does not make himself known immediately in the heat of battle.   


3.  In sum, what I am describing here is a nation of tens of millions of souls (about 80 million), one that will need far more land to live in than the"River to the Sea".  In fact, the renewed Kingdom of Israel will stretch from Suez, through the Sinai Desert to the River Euphrates. It will INCLUDE WITHIN ITS BORDERS all of what is now called the State of Israel(including of course, Judea and Samaria); a good portion of what is now called Lebanon; ALL of what is now called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and a large part of what is now Syria. On its east, it will border KURDISTAN.  This is far different from what anyone is proposing at the moment.  However, it should be evident to you from events in Syria,that the country is disintegrating. 

3a.  I'm not a prophet.  I'm not a theologian.  I'm a student of political science.  "The Kossover Plan for the Reunification of the Hebrew People"  is not a "peace plan". It is a projection into the future based on Biblical Prophecy.  To be utterly truthful, I do not foresee "peace".  I foresee war. But in that war, THOSE ON THE RIGHT SIDE WILL BENEFIT.  FOR THAT REASON, I have fleshed out these proposals for you gentlemen to peruse and to comment upon.

Thank you all very much for your time and your patience.

Blessings from Samaria, 


1.  Submitted by Mr. Dennis Tate to the honourable gentlemen above-mentioned under the title,  "The KossoverPlan for the Reunification of the Hebrew People"  - found on the Facebook Page of Reuven Kossover on 19 July, 2013.

The solution for peace in this country, a solution that gives justice to "Palestinians" - many families of whom predate the Muslim occupation of Eretz Yisrael by centuries - is to kill off the terrorists in the PA and Gaza, and force the Jordanian monarch to either surrender his power - or leave - while installing a secular Israel-friendly Palestinian régime in what is now called Jordan. This is doable. The régime EAST of the Jordan can, with Israeli aid, build what Israelis used to call ma'abarót to house exiled refugees from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other parts of the world, allowing them to rebuild their lives in an independent country of their own. The Palestinian residents of Gaza, Judea and Samaria would be offered citizenship in the new Palestine, or citizenship in Israel.There could be broad levels of autonomy for them, and compensation for exiles to help them get going. However, Judea, Samaria and Gaza would be permanently absorbed into the State.

It is time to tell the imperialists from Europe and America and elsewhere to go to hell - and to be willing to use our military to back our words.  Israeli leftists and other self-hating Jews are welcome to stay in exile and enjoy being beaten up by Jew-hating mobs there. They are not needed HERE.  Palestinian terrorists who cannot abide living in peace with Jews in Israel can be executed.  We do not have to suffer them to live.

2.  “The Engagement Pamphlet”, by Tsvi Jekhorin Misinai, is found on-line at http://the-engagement.org/?page_id=73. If you wish, you can buy his book,  BROTHERSHALL NOT LIFT HIS SWORD AGAINST BROTHER, at the link at the book’s title, which can be found at the link listed above.

3.  Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi is an assistant professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Gautham Buddha University,You can reach him at his Facebook Page,http://www.facebook.com/navras.aafreedi/about

4.  Remy Ilona isa practicing attorney, is president of the Israel-Igbo Union, and writes books.  He can be reached at his Facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/remy.ilona/info

25 February 2013



טו באדר, התשע''ג
25 February, 2013
Copyright © R. Kossover
מאת ראובן קןסובר, עורך וכתב 

This morning I received a couple of messages from P. David Blumenthal, a man who has developed a reputation as a solid analyst of trends in history, and with whom I tend to see almost eye-to-eye on many things

One message was a report submitted to the Obama administration in 2009 by a "U.S./MIDDLE EAST PROJECT", an outfit that listed General Brent Scowcroft (U.S. Armed Forces, retired) as "Chair, International Board", and Henry Siegman as its "President".  The report was signed by the following individuals: 

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Chuck Hagel
Lee H. Hamilton
Carla Hills
Nancy Kassebaum-Baker
Thomas R. Pickering
Brent Scowcroft
Theodore C. Sorensen
Paul A. Volcker
James D. Wolfensohn

Those of you who remember the unfortunate administration of James Earl Carter will recognize Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Polish born "National Security Adviser" who was supposed to be Carter's equivalent of Henry (Hainz) Kissinger.  Most of these names are "heavy hitters" in Washington, D.C., with lots of influence and power in that depraved city.  Those of you with a really good memory will recognize James Wolfensohn as the fellow who got Jews to pony up $100 million to buy the vegetable nurseries that Jews in Gush Qatif were forced to abandon by former prime minister Ariel Sharon in 2005.  These vegetable nurseries were made a "gift" to the PA Arabs of Gaza - who promptly looted them and made them worthless.  In addition, you will note that the second signatory on this report is former United States senator, Chuck Hagel.  We'll get back to that in just a bit.

When you read this report, you will see that it contains all kinds of allusions to an American-led Arab occupation force for Judea, Samaria and the Heights of Golan, with the idea of sending in thousands of American soldiers to occupy Judea and Samaria, the Arab neighborhoods if Jerusalem and probably the rest of the country as well.  I read this report as best as I could with all the things blocked out.  It has ALL the features I have worried about since making aliyah in 2001.  It includes the likelihood that I and my fellow residents in Ma'ale Levona will have to fight WELL ARMED American and Arab soldiers to maintain our homes here; and the likelihood that we will be besieged militarily. Every time I ride in a car or bus to or from Ma'ale Levona, I think about these issues.

It is evident that this plan, proposed originally for January/February of 2009, is in the process of being implemented now. One solution is not to waste time on "hasbará" - but instead, where possible, to invest time in obtaining a weapon, and going to target practice as often as feasible. As structures of society here and around the world crumble, WE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE MORE AND MORE FOR OUR OWN DEFENSE. The IDF will make valiant efforts, but as World War III spreads from Syria to here, as is likely, THE IDF'S OWN STRUCTURE WILL CRUMBLE UNDER THE WEIGHT OF 500 MISSILES DAILY FROM THE NORTH.

I'm not the only one with opinions on the subject, it seems.   Mark Langfan, writing in an op-ed in Arutz Sheva published on 23 February, raised the idea of a "death trap" in Judea and Samaria to be created at the hands of Chuck Hagel, that second signatory to the report I cited above.  Langfan's take was that American soldiers would be endangered by PA Arabs.  This is just some of what he had to say about all this:

"...Obama will do anything and everything to get Hagel confirmed because Obama knows Hagel, and only Hagel, hates Israel enough to sacrifice 1000's of US soldiers in body bags, and dumb enough to gladly blow 160 Billion US dollars, we don’t have, in order to grossly cripple, or perhaps even destroy Israel.  In 2007, Hagel saw Hamas takeover the Gaza Strip in 10 seconds flat. So in 2009, he knew the 60,000 U.S. troops he was recommending Obama send into the "West Bank"  would have been instantly trapped by Hamas, and subject to multiple Marine Beirut Barracks-type suicide blasts and kidnappings. But to compound Hagel’s rank stupidity, Hagel also wanted to put US troops on the Golan at the same time."

It's a good try at getting American sympathies - but personally, I think that the Hagel nomination is a done deal, and that at some point, the Republican opposition to it will melt like a snow-man in hot weather.  Why do I think this?

Well, the trouble with being a believer in the Tana"kh, is that you have to take it seriously.  And I do.  In the Book of Ezekiel, the Almighty tells Ezekiel, "'Son of man, set your face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say: 'Thus says the L-rd G-D: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal;....'" [Ezekiel 38:2-3]  

Protestant preachers of various varieties, not to mention the our own great sage, Vilna Ga'on, have all said that Gog is the leader of Russia.  The Vilna Ga'on wrote that he measured from Jerusalem going to points north.  When the Vilna Ga'on wrote, over two hundred years ago, all the land going from Jerusalem to points north, even beyond the North Pole to what is now Alaska, was Russia.  But in 1867, the Russian czar sold Alaska to the Americans for $7.2 million (what a deal!) and NOW the land going from Jerusalem to points north, in other words beyond the North Pole, is American.


So, sending tens of thousands of American soldiers here to try and "enforce order" in some kind of "peace deal creating 'Palestine'" is well within the realm of possibility.  It is the reason we see Obama's name encoded in Ezekiel 38:2 starting with the last letter of the word "nasí" [נשיא].  The name that comes out by counting 7 letters and taking every SEVENTH letter is very very clear in the Hebrew - אובאמה - OBAMA.  Put differently, Obama, in my opinion, is Gog.  That's why his name is there - encoded in the Tana"kh for all of us to see.

That leaves a few uncomfortable questions.  If hasbará is a waste of time, and our best solution so far is to learn how to shoot straight, what about OUR government?  Wouldn't THEY do something to prevent this travesty?  If Netanyahu is willing to go for a "two state solution" (remember the Cairo speech?) and put Tzipi Livni in charge of "negotiating" with the terrorists of the PA, that should tell you what OUR government will do to protect us - absolutely nothing!!   So, my fellow Israelis, we are on our own with only our G-d to protect us!  When WE figure that out, accept that AND ACT ACCORDINGLY, we will see His Redemption!

23 July 2012

If It's Too Early in the Morning, It Don't Matter How Interesting the Subject Is - I Still Fall Asleep


Originally published as a Note on Facebook
ג באב, התשע''ב
22 July, 2012

Copyright © R. Kossover, 2012
Thirty three years ago, in the summer of 1979, I moved from Brooklyn with my ex to study law at a spanking brand new school in St. Paul, MN, Hamline University School of Law.  Classes started early, and my first class was "torts" which is a topic that has nothing to do with baking.  Torts have to do with damages from things that go wrong, or from things purposely done wrong - what is called in Jewish law, "neziqín". 

Anyway, first year law school is all about reading appeals decisions of judges and trying to isolate from the appeals decisions "rules of law", which are then applied first in law school exams, and later to the practice of law.   This is a basic ability that any American lawyer is expected to have.  So, torts was all about reading appeals decisions on things that went wrong - gun accidents that killed or injured people, car accidents that killed or injured people, etc., etc., and inferring from them first the "proximate cause", the cause most directly responsible for the tragic event, and then assessing responsibility according to rules of law found in these appeals decisions - which were not always clearly writen by the appellate judges.

It's the kind of thing that can put you to sleep real fast, and it often did, especially in a first period class.  The professor was aware of this, and he told us to buy a book on torts that had a very interesting item in it - the decision of an appeals court concerning the issues surrounding the ship the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which carried taconite on the Great Lakes between Canada and the United States, which had sunk in a storm in Lake Superior in November, 1975.  This was an issue especially close to the kids in the class - mostly from Minnesota or Wisconsin, but it rang a bell with me because of Gordon Lightfoot's song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", which even parochial Brooklyn boys like me had heard on the radio.

The poor torts professor failed in keeping me awake in class - even though there was a spirited discussion about the insurance issues surrounding the sinkning, etc.  For me, everything other thanGordon Lightfoot's memorial to the 29 sailors who died on the SS Edmund Fizgerald was an etc. - one of the reasons I am not an attorney today.

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Originally published as a Note on Facebook

כ'ח בתמוז, התשע''ב
18 July, 2012

Copyright ©  R. Kossover, 2012

All over Facebook and other media we have been inundated with requests to honor the 11 slain athletes killed at the Summer Games in Munich in 1972.  And all we have been asking is ONE MINUTE OF SILENCE.  One minute, out of several hundred thousand.  One would think that human beings who presumably have a sense of common decency, would accede to such a thing with no difficulty at all.  But reality seems very different from common decency - the viciousness of barbaric sons of animals comes out when they smell money and the chance to humiliate the hated JOOS - and will allow nothing to stand in their way!!  A member of the International Olympig Committee apologized to the widow of one of the murdered, saying his hands were tied by the admission of 46 Muslim nations to the International Olympig Committee.  

And it got me to thinking.  Why should the admission of 46 Muslim nations get in the way of a minute of silence to honor 11 dead Israelis - killed 40 years ago?  And I realized that something bigger was going on here.  The devil is in the details, the saying goes, and here is the detail that really caught my eye - for I saw the horns of the devil sticking right out of it.  The Summer Games of 2012 begin on the Sabbath.  And ANY JEW  who wants to participate has to violate the Sabbath.  MY priorities are clear.  The Sabbath, a commandment in the Torah, comes before any pagan trash.  But for many Jews, this is not so clear, as they wallow in the culture of self-worship and materialism pushed by the Olympigs. They beg and plead for acceptance by this culture under any rubric of bullshit names, so as to escape what G-d said of the Children of Israel through the words of Bila'am: They shall dwell alone, a people reckoned separately from Mankind [b'midbár/Numbers 23:9 - in part].   But nota bene, the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIG COMMITTEE refuses us this acceptance.   And in addition, it spits in our face - with its refusal to honor our athletes AND by KNOWINGLY VIOLATING OUR SABBATH to start their pagan games. So, the bottom line is this: 


A combination of events and the simple commandments in the Torah are coming together - and G-d is testing US - THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.  One does not need a long-bearded rabbi spouting halakhá to know this; one does need committee after overpaid executive committee to know this; one simply has to be a believer in the Living G-d of Israel, and NOT BE BRAIN DEAD!

Those of you who believe in the Living G-d of Israel, and who are not brain-dead, will get the point damned fast - and PASS the test. As for the rest of you - well, it's not MY job to try to make you see what you will not see. Either you will die because you REFUSE to see Truth - or you will live, and have Truth revealed to you in a way of G-d's choosing. It's HIS universe, and HE runs it.

Shabbat Shalom from Samaria, ISRAEL.

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Originally published as a Note on Facebook

טו בתמוז, התשע'ב
5 July, 2012

Copyright © R. Kossover, 2012

The boys at the Extinction Protocol can't get used to the idea that WWIII is here already. It started. The only question is how quickly will it spread and to where? I don't have the answer to that one, but a young woman whom I'll describe as the Holémet - the dreamer - has a clue. She has given permission to share that clue with you all.

I strongly suggest that you read this Note in conjunction with two previous Notes; LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE PAST 2012: Peeking beyond Zionism and its malcontents and THE HAMMER OF G-D.  The three form a single body of work.

Today, Rabbi Rachamim Pauli noted on his own page that the World Net Daily is carrying a piece about Donald Trump warning of an "October Surprise" - Trump: Obama will start Iran war to win election.  The rabbi asks us to focus on the Jewish holiday Hoshaná Rabá, which tradition says is the day G-d will execute judgement (annually) on the Children of Israel.  I would note that the Great Depression started the day before Hoshaná Rabá in the year 5690 (1929). 

In the meantime, enjoy peace while it lasts. Cherish these days, for they are the final days of an era. The "seeds of World War III" have sprouted.

The following is what The Holémet allowed me to share with you.  I sent this out as an email on 9 June of this year.  What follows is the text of the e-mail.

This is not really a vision but a description of a dream had by a young woman, whom I'll call the Holémet (Hebrew for "the dreamer").  I had a conversation on FB Chat with her on Thursday, 7 June.  Here are the key points.  

First, this is not a one time or two time dream.  The Holémet had this dream numerous times, with no  variations in it.  

Second, when the Holémet has had dreams of this nature, she has had them repeatedly for a period of time, and then they came to an end - and then the event dreamt of occurred.  In some instances the event occurred immediately.  But in many instances, it took at least a month.  In the case of Hurricane Katrina, the dreams stopped one month before.  
The Holémet wrote, 

"I saw Katrina four months before it came, and again several times - and then it stopped a month before it hit.  Is that a normal pattern?   What is normal?  I guess there is no normal."

Then later, she wrote,

"Well, [for] the Rabin one [there was] about two months pause; Katrina about a month; Japan, that melt down recently,  I did not know the location, only that it was in Asia - [for that] about 6 a month pause.  I saw the one in Italy recently with no pause, and told my sister about it.  [I have] many natural disaster ones [dreams] with about a month's pause, occasionally no pause."  

If you reflect, you will realize that the events in Japan, the earthquake, and the meltdown, are far more significant than say, an earthquake in the mid-Pacific, or Italy.  Clouds of radiation have been circling the planet due to the meltdowns at Fukushima. 

Thirdly, it is important to relate that 80% of the Holémet's dreams have come true.  Thus in looking at all this, the element of uncertainty is balanced by the repetition of the dream itself in exactly the same way.  

In the case of what I'll relate below, the Holémet has experienced this dream dozens of times.  Four months ago, they stopped - though in recalling it for me, she said she was shaking badly, it scared her so much.

This is her dream.  I've edited her writing to give it coherency, and remove the spelling errors.  But this is what the Holémet told me.

"These most recent dreams are so vivid and real.  I am not myself, but looking through the eyes of another -  in Jerusalem, an older woman with white on.  I feel the embers burn through the cloth on my arms and hear the screams and sirens, dogs barking.  Everything, just everything [has] the smell of ash and metal and hot air in my mouth.  It was at night during the attack though it was not hot at all outside, chilly, but not cold.

About, I don't know, a 1/2 mile from the Mount, standing in the south archway in front of me, a market to my right, I watched it [the missile] come in from the east going west.  The first one obliterated al-Aqsa, and the Dome [of Omar] literally exploded.  Everything on the top was wiped out.  I do not know what would cause that, but I sensed that they [the structures on the Temple mount] were not the target. The target was a government building, but the [missile] missed.  Anyway the follow up was [that] Iran was invaded by everybody.  The Arab nations were not happy with Iran.

Will it happen? I don't know.  Who has a weapon that can shear a man in half after lifting him off the ground?

But the [Temple] Mount was clean after that.  Well rubble, but clean!  One of the missiles clears everything to the Jaffa Gate with fire right up a road.  I went and looked at a map about a year ago, that clarified what I saw.  People are going to die.  This is a massive missile, not some little rocket.  

The sky above the [Temple] Mount is on fire.

Yes, [I had this dream] several dozen times.  It stopped suddenly about four months ago.  I do not know if something changed in the timeline to stop it, or if it is about to happen, but the war follows it.  I see these dreams as like snippets of time lines that I am given.  I did share it with Bibi [Netanyahu].  I sent it to one of his people.  But the people dying, Jews, Christians, Muslims, all sorts.  I could never have wishful thinking about [them dying], you know?  And then the war that follows it, [it is] just horrible - but Israel survives it.  Persia will fall, and Syria, too.  

Sorry I am shaking thinking about it."

There the narration the the Holémet ends.

I have never had a dream as vivid as that, though I did have a brief dream about nuclear war about 30 years ago.

Please think about what I've just related above.  If this dream stopped coming to the Holémet because something in the timeline caused it to stop, or if we are being given time to "clean up our act" by the Almighty, is not something I can say.  

If this dream is true, that is to say a vision of the future, then I suspect that it is a mere fragment of a whole series of other events that, were the Holémet to experience in dreams or visions, would overwhelm her. She sees these dreams as "snippets of timelines".

I'm guessing, and I have to emphasize that this is merely a guess on my part, that the amount of time between the cessation of the dreams and the event occurring is a message of some kind to the Holémet (and us) as to the ultimate import of the event in question.  In other words, there was a one month cessation before the onset of Hurricane Katrina - and a six month cessation before the onset of the disaster in Japan - I suspect that radiation clouds traveling around the earth are more important than the destruction of the "Big Easy".

There has already been a four month (as of now, July 2012, a five month) cessation from the time that the Holémet had this dream about Jerusalem last - and I suspect that the cleansing of the Temple Mount is of greater import than radiation clouds from the Fukushima disaster.  So, I suspect, and I must emphasize that I am telling you my analysis of all this, and not anything that the Holémet told me, that we have at least two months time before this event occurring - perhaps more, perhaps four months.  This brings us to October on the Christian calendar - and the beginning of the year 5773 on the Rabbinic calendar.

However, I may be wrong.  First, this merely may be a dream, and nothing more.  Second, even if it is a vision of the future, it may occur sooner - or later - than I'm guessing.  

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Originally Published as a Note on Facebook

ו בסיון, התשע''ב
27 May, 2012

Copyright © R. Kossover, 2012

We had the pleasure of being the meal guests today (Sunday, 27 May 2012 - Shavuót) of one of the most brilliant individuals I've ever known, a modest man who would never let me use his name in quoting his own brilliant work on the Calendar of Jubilees.

In introducing a d'var Torah, a commentary on Torah required at holiday meals, his wife told us of a dream her son had a decade ago, a dream that terrified him - and that his mother, like Jacob, our ancestor, has "kept in mind".

I'll describe the dream for you briefly.  In it, he saw two large TV screens.  On the left screen, he saw a blackened city with huge amounts of destruction and fallen buildings.  On the right screen, he saw a hand with a huge hammer splitting a mountain in half - and the two halves moved away from each other.

The next morning, after he said his prayers, the young man went to the rabbi who headed the yeshiva he was attending. The rabbi kind of equivocated, saying this was something for a wiser man to pursue.

Not long after, the students in the yeshiva were taken on a tour of Jerusalem and the areas surrounding it - and when he saw the Mount of Olives, he told his friends, "that's the mountain I saw in my dream."

The young man had never read the Book of Zechariah before - but in the last chapter of that Book, what the young man saw in his dream was described.  

"HASHEM will go out and wage war with those nations, as He waged war on the day of battle.  His feet will stand on that day on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives will split open at its middle, forming a very wide valley; half the mountain will move to the north, and half to the south." [Zech.14:3-4]

Our hostess' point was that she believed that her son had dreamt of that day - the day that the Hammer of G-d would split the Mount of Olives - and that its approach was very very close.

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