25 November 2009

Looking at a Moslem's View of Israel


This is taken from an article at Pajamas Media by David Hornik complaining about Israel being bashed in the media. What I'm publishing here is not the article itself but a comment by a person who is obviously a Muslim, expressing his view as a Muslim, a view colored by his religion, not by the hatred the Wahhabi spill continuously against us.  It is worth reading, and worth struggling with, even with his bad English, because it expresses a view that many Moslems hold: that we Jews, if we are to be entitled to our land, must behave in a manner befitting a holy people.   In other words, if we expect to be accepted by Muslims here, we have to behave as our Torah tells us to.  Read on and see what I mean.


I think the only solution for jewish
just do not deny the big facts

1) jesus is prophet of god who came after moses
and really celberated jesus birth day in christmas time with all of us

2) prophet Mohammad is prophet came after jesus
by order of same god jewish beliving

when you deny big two facts
the consequences come to you

or you tell
us 100 years ago certain land belong to you and now you immigrant to palstine and then force to take certain land with a ll army and say this is yours not other people

while if you see moses never fight over land
moses fight over god’s order of and His comments

Moses told you other prophet will come after him

then if you stay with moses’s order

and if we belive ok give jewish land call it
jewish land call it Israel or what ever

most jewish are live outiside of Israel then what we must expect to take those land seperated too

or can we agree if Israel is real god’s order land for jewish
then why you allow gays and homosexual lesbian to have right to live there

then that land is not used for jewish law this is use for land rubbery and other power pull

I do not believe israel as jewish land
ONLY because you respect gays in that country

that is all above is not hate or fashion
this is fact you try to deny

nobody hate jewish people hate ingorant and denier of god’s order

In this man's view, we should recognize Jesus as a prophet (not as a god), and acknowlege that Muhammad is a prophet of G-d, even if he is not our prophet.  Then he asks that we come home. What right do we have to seize this land if we stay away from it?  Finally, he raises the issue of the tolerance here of homosexual behavior, which appears in his eyes to be against Jewish law. And for him, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.  But at bottom, what this man really demands from us Jews is that we follow our law.  This is his price for us to occupy this land.

This is is a common Muslim view.  It's alright for us to have our land so long as we act as if we deserve that land.  My, how that view coincides with Leviticus 18 and 19!


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