25 November 2009

Bad News at My Doorstep - Analysis of Israel's "Situation"


Originally Published at Blogcritics Magazine on 25 November 2009.
Copyright ©, R. Kossover, 2009

The bad news started coming to my doorstep about three weeks ago. On Thursday afternoon, a young lady knocked on our door asking for charity. She was staying at the girls high school in Ma’alé Levoná after being ejected from her home in Ramat Migron the day before. I did not know where her family is staying, or what they were to do, but I did what I could to help her out. It was a pitiable sum of money – but it was a good part of what we had at the moment.

The next night, eating Sabbath dinner at a neighbor’s house, my wife was complaining about the pains she was enduring because a bus driver had stopped so fast that she fell and suffered from whiplash, and our hostess wanted to help put things in perspective for her by getting her to see that things could be worse. She told us of a neighbor of ours – let’s call him Barry – who was driving home past Sínjil, the Arab village at very the bottom of Levoná, the hill/mountain where we live. Arabs threw rocks through his windshield, spraying him with shattered glass, and they threw another rock through the back windshield, injuring his wife, Lee. He managed to bring the car to a halt, and then to drive up the hill home – where an ambulance promptly took the two of them to a hospital in Jerusalem. This was similar to rock throwing incidents that had occurred over the last couple of months or so, hundreds of them, at Shiló, Elí, Shuafát, Ma’alé Adumím, and other places as well. But this time, we knew the victims. Had it been me and had I Barry’s pistol, I would have also stopped the car – and fired at the Arab attackers, attempting to kill them if I could. But it wasn’t me. I sat and listened to our hostess, and kept my anger to myself.

This may sound like a lot of news, a lot of events occurring here – as though there were a great deal to write about. Truth be told though, overall, not too much has happened newswise in the last twenty years since this interview with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, z”l, hy”d. Note that this C-Span interview was in February, 1989. If you watch it, and change a few names, you will see the same problems facing the region then as face the region today. An Arab state in Judea and Samaria would be a dagger in the heart of our country. That was true in February 1989, and it is true today as well.

Let’s look at the events that have occurred in the last twenty years to make the situation different.

The Israeli army evacuated south Lebanon

Nine years ago, under the “leadership”, if one wishes to call it that, of Ehud Barak, the IDF “evacuated” south Lebanon. Actually, the evacuation was a rout, and Israeli forces, having signaled that they were leaving, were attacked by HizbAllah, which crowed like drunken braggarts in an back alley that they had “driven” the Zionists from Lebanon. Leaving aside all the talk and endless talk over this hill or that hill the bottom line was this. The cushion that Israel had from missile attack from the north was gone, and HizbAllah was in due course armed by its Shi’a sponsor, Iran. By 2005, tens of thousands of rockets sat in south Lebanon, a new dagger, now aimed at the Galilee.

Arabs launch a terror war in September 2000

Having walked out of “talks” at Camp David in July 2000, the PLO leader and pedophile, Yasser Arafat, orchestrated a rebellion similar to the 1936 rebellion his uncle orchestrated. Over 1,000 Israelis died in terror attacks, many similar to the suicide bombing at the Dophinarium Disco on 1 June 2001. This horrific attack devastated hundreds of lives in Israel, killing 21 young people and wounding over 160. There were shootings in French Hill in Jerusalem – four of them; there was a suicide bombing at the Park Hotel at a Passover Seder, there were attacks in Be’ér Sheva. It took over two years of sustained Arab terror before the Israeli government was even willing to conduct an organized campaign to attempt to stop it. Through all this, through even the seizure and looting of the Christian Church of the Sepulchre in Bethlehem, the government refused to abandon a “peace accord” with the Arab murderers. One has to wonder if these fools belonged in the halls of an insane asylum rather than in the halls of government.

P.S. The Christians blamed Israel for the Arab attack on their church. In my opinion our forces should have blown up the damned church with all the terrorists in it. Then the Christians would have at least had something to whine over with justification.

The Israeli army evacuates Gaza and expels Israeli residents

In an act of treason and cowardice that shall stain this nation until it is corrected, the government of Israel, under heavy American pressure, expelled the Jewish residents of Gush Qatif, 8,000 people who had built a thriving vegetable industry. It uprooted hundreds of families from their homes, destroyed many profitable businesses, and ruined the lives of loyal Israelis – all for the illusory promise of peace from an enemy that only delivers death and war. And all that Israel received for this expulsion of its citizens was the criticism of the world for not destroying itself faster – and thousands of Qassam rockets attacking S’derót, Ashqelón and the kibbutzim surrounding the Gaza Strip. The year after the expulsion, Hamas, the governing terror force there, kidnapped Gil’ád Shalít, who is still held hostage, and began a war against us – a war which spread rapidly into an event that became the defining event of the first decade of the 21st Century for us in Israel.

HizbAllah subjects Israel to rocket attacks from Lebanon

On 12 July 2006, HizbAllah began massive rocket attacks on the Galilee. All things considered, these rocket attacks were very mild. The Katyusha (Katie) rocket only damages when it hits something. It killed a woman drinking coffee on her balcony because it hit the balcony and the woman. But otherwise, if it hit something inanimate, it destroyed it – or if it hit a road, for example, it just sat in the road, having created a small crater. Only 40 people were killed in the bombardment of 4,000 rockets that lasted about a month.

But the rockets sowed terror. Nearly the entire population of the Galilee fled, with the government officials fleeing first, like rats running from a sinking ship. Israel responded to this bombardment, and the response was to go to war. But the tactics used were inefficient, the forward bases were not supplied, the force used was far greater than the force needed because of the way the United States government handcuffed the Israeli “leadership”. The American government would not countenance this tactic or that tactic and the IDF wound up attacking along the “line of expectation” – the place where the enemy expected us to hit. There was no element of surprise at all. It was brute force used, and the brute force was not sufficient to effectively dislodge the enemy. When finally victory was in sight – then and only then did the United States step in and demand a cease-fire.

The corrupted flunkies in Jerusalem who ruin this nation on America’s and Europe’s behalf followed orders like good dogs – proving not only that all we have is falafel, but all we have is a falafel republic as well, a pathetic puppet of American and European imperialists. So, over 100 soldiers sacrificed their lives for absolutely nothing. A neighbor of mine, Eli, explained what he felt our position to be this way. “The Americans have us strangled with the arms, and the Europeans have us strangled with the economy.” He then shrugged his shoulders – a very Gallic shrug (Eli is originally from Marseilles) – as if to say, “there is nothing to be done about it all.” This whole mess became known as the Second Lebanon War – a worse disaster than the First Lebanon War 27 years ago.

In the last three years, HizbAllah has been re-supplied by their Persian masters, and now, they sit on our northern border with more and better rockets than they had in 2006. It is likely that they can hit Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv and possibly even Be’ér Sheva in the northern Negev.

About a year ago, the Hamas terror regime stepped up its rocket attacks on southern Israel, occasionally suffering “work accidents” as careless handling of the rockets caused the Arabs working on them to die. Finally, the IDF attacked Gaza and pretended that they would silence the Qassams from Gaza. The military operation was more designed to get votes for the Kadima and Labor parties than anything else, and while all sorts of idiots and moralists have whined over Operation Cast Lead, the bottom line was that Labor and Kadima got more votes in the February 2009 election; and Jews and Arabs died for nothing. The terrorists still control Gaza, still fire Qassam rockets at Israel, and now are testing missiles that will be able to hit Tel Aviv.

Further, we face renewed war in Lebanon. But the likely intiators of that war, HizbAllah, are presently busy helping the Persians in Yemen, as the Houthi Shi’a face off against the Wahhabi savages (allies/sponsors of the Yemeni regime) there. So, unless we attack Persia, we will have to wait in line to be attacked, while HizbAllah attends to affairs in Yemen. But when this war does come it will be far worse than what we faced in 2006. Michael Totten, writing for Commentary Magazine, confirms my view that HizbAllah will strike the whole country, and that we will see, in this war, the sky scrapers of Tel Aviv go up in flames. According to Totten, “if Hezbollah manages to turn all of Israel into a kill zone where there is no place to run, Israelis will panic like they haven't since the 1973 Yom Kippur War when it briefly appeared the Egyptian army might overrun the whole country. I wouldn't want to be anywhere in Lebanon while Israelis are actively fending off that kind of assault. No country can afford to be restrained while fighting for its survival.” This is not a whole lot different from my own assessment. The streets will run with Arab blood, as Israelis who are basically just Jews come home, sick and tired of restraining themselves, unleash an anger 17 centuries in the making.

It may seem that we in Israel are a “generation lost in space – with no time to start again”. It may seem that all we can do is “clench our fists in rage” as forces of evil and puppets of foreign powers put this land on a sacrificial altar to foreign gods of “peace” and death. But I do not believe so. It has gotten considerably worse than it was in 1989 when Rabbi Meir Kahane, may his memory be a blessing, and may G-d avenge his blood, sat pessimistically estimating the future of the region on C-Span. But he had faith in the G-d of Israel and I “have faith in G-d above” and in His Prophets.

In his forthcoming book, Cracking the Qur’an Code (Root & Branch Association, Ltd), my friend and colleague, Lowell Gallin writes,

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that the world will hear Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar (‘God is great’) and Jews chanting Am Yisrael Chai (‘The People of Israel lives’) - Together.

In the not-too-distant past, two brothers, Ishmael the elder and Isaac the younger, buried Abraham their father – Together.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that the Children of Ishmael and the Children of Israel (Abraham’s grandson and Isaac’s younger son) will replant and rebuild the Lands of Arabia and Israel, as part of a truly new Middle East – Together.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel will wake up and return to the Land of Israel – Together.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that the Kingdom of David and Solomon will be reestablished in the Land of Israel, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel will ratify selection of the King. Together.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that two brothers, Nebaioth and Kedar, Ishmael’s first and second born sons, will bring offerings to the rebuilt Third and Final Temple of Jerusalem – Together.

A few years ago, I found myself on a Jerusalem construction site together with an Arab foreman and his two young co-workers. The foreman spoke of the problems plaguing Arabs and Jews in the Promised Land. I said that a descendant of David, the King Messiah, would arise to sit on the throne of his fathers, and that he would bring peace between Arabs and Jews in the Promised Land.

‘When?’ the foreman quietly asked.
‘Soon’, I answered.
No one spoke or moved. Though we were alone on a construction site, and I could easily have had an ‘accident’, I felt no fear of them.
At that moment we were united by our shared fear of God and respect for His servant David, whom the Qur’an describes as a king, a prophet and the author of the Psalms.
When all this transpires – and it will transpire – the trouble will no longer be at my doorstep – it will be at yours.

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Anonymous Mark Schannon said...

Ruvy, I read your article almost in despair and then read the citation from your friend's book which was a wonderful statement of hope. But you end it with the trouble soon being at our doors--not yours.

So, nu, what is it? Despair, hope, or exporting cultural and religious warfare? And to that little part of American still in you, Happy Thanksgiving, LOL.


25 November, 2009 21:05  
Blogger Ruvy said...


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. The word "thanksgiving" is a girl's name in Hebrew, hodayá.

Second of all, what this all indicates (trouble on your doorstep) is the other side of the prophecies. When we get the good stuff in these prophecies, you guys outside of the Land of Israel get judged for your behavior towards us. We get the peace - and outsiders get the shaft. I know it stinks, but bear in mind that I didn't write the Books of Ezekiel or Isaiah, Zeke and Izzy did. Blame them! And remember there is a reason I keep telling you to get your butt here. And now (hopefully) you are beginning to get the idea.

25 November, 2009 23:11  
Anonymous Mark Schannon said...

So...what if I get there just before the big conflagration? Does that wipe out all my past sins?

I guess I have to believe that, if there's a God, when I die or when the big kaboom comes, I'll be judged based on my soul or my heart and my behavior, not my geography. I don't expect a just God, but I do expect Him or Her to be reasonable--which is absurd if He's anything like the God in the Old or New Testament. But there you have it. I hope both of us are right!

25 November, 2009 23:52  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Wody Allen once said, "95% of life is just showing up". For a pedophile, he occasionally made sense. That's the deal here. 95% of survival is just showing up.

Well, maybe less than 95%. But the point is not that you get all your sins wiped away, but that you have this one huge good deed, coming home, to outweigh a whole bunch of the evil stuff on the other side of the scale.

The trouble, Mark, is that you are Child of Israel. I know you didn't choose that status. Your dad stuck you with it when the mohel took his (or rather your) tip. But stuck, you are. So, you do get judged on your geography, along with everything else. These are no my rules, but they are the rules I learned.

Don't think we came here so that I could get brownie points from G-d. I'm too arrogant for that. But now that we are here, the fact that being here weighs in so heavy (like a 300 pound matza ball) is enough to keep me here. But that really isn't the point, Mark. Ten kids were suspended in a Florida school for kicking Jews on "kick a Jew" day.

That's how this shit starts. From there it grows - and grows - and grows.

26 November, 2009 00:48  

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