04 September 2009

Israeli Government Sinks into the Sewer - Welcomes "Nazi" Pope


Originally published at Blogcritics Magazine on 10 May, 2009
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2009

In a couple of days, traffic will be jammed in Jerusalem and the life of the average Jerusalemite will be totally miserable. Why? The sitting Bishop of Rome will make his presence known in our land. Like other bishops of Rome, he will do all he can NOT to recognize Jewish sovereignty over this nation, particularly Jerusalem. Like other Bishops of Rome, he will be catered to by the idiots who form the secular government of this country.


Because just like the wheedling ghetto Jews of the previous centuries, these idiots will consider it an utter honor that the Big Goy himself is coming to visit.

Boy oh boy! The Pope himself! Wow!

Of course, like the wheedling Jews of previous centuries, they will ask and beg and bow — well, all right, they won't bow, they have a bit more dignity than B. Hussein Obama, though not much. The attitude shown by Israeli government officials and rabbis alike is shameful! But this is the attitude they take. President Shim'on Peres will escort this man to Yad Vashem, our memorial to those who were murdered by the Nazis. And this man, Joseph Ratzinger, a former Nazi himself, will desecrate that memorial with his mere presence.

Like all foreigners who come here wagging their hypocritical fingers about "peace", this man has an agenda for controlling this nation. Ratzinger's is to see that Jerusalem is removed from Jewish control, internationalized (this was the Vatican proposal in 1948 and has remained its "solution" ever since) and to get control for the Vatican of the buildings immediately adjacent to the Dormition Abbey, built early in the last Christian century as the place where the crown prince of the German Empire was to be crowned, as though he were to be the new Holy Roman Emperor.

The Dormition Abbey was built to resemble almost exactly a similar chapel in Aix-la-Chapelle where Charlemagne was crowned 1209 years ago.

Unfortunately, Crown Prince Louis never got the chance to do this because his daddy, Wilhelm II of Germany, took his country into a general European war - and facing defeat, fled to Holland tossing his crown to the Kingdom of Prussia and the Empire of Germany into the trash. But the Vatican did not forget the chapel at all. There is a Catholic prophecy of sorts that the next bishop of Rome will be the last. Why would the Vatican be applying so much of its muscle to get control of the Diaspora Yeshiva and the Sephardi Synagogue of Mount Zion which are both adjacent to the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion?

Rumor has it that the Vatican wants to present this last Bishop of Rome, who is supposed to go under the name "Peter the Roman," from the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion.

Get it? The law shall go forth from Zion! Mount Zion!

Catholics view themselves as the "real" Israel, the Chosen of G-d, and that we Jews, ever since Judas betrayed Jesus to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver, lost that place of primacy of being the Chosen People. So all this scheming and back-room haggling to get control of prime pieces of Jerusalem real estate, all the resentment over Jewish control of Jerusalem, all the efforts to kick us out of OUR capital, are all about the Vatican's designs to push their theology down everyone's throat and reverse the "damage" done by Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem.

In that sense, the Catholic Vatican is no different from the Persian's Shi'a Moslem little Hiter — Ahmadinejad — who wants to use the Temple Mount to present the Mahdi, the Moslem version of the messiah, to the world as its ruler.

The Israeli government has the sense to treat Ahmadinejad as the enemy he is. But they do not have the sense to treat the bishop of Rome as the enemy that he is. If the bishop of Rome was as open and honest and straightforward with his plans as is Ahmadinejad, maybe the idiots on Government Hill in Jerusalem would understand. But these idiots are so used to seeing the bishop of Rome as the Big Goy, that they cannot see the evil designs of the Vatican that Ratzinger heads. And the Vatican is always in the habit of being secretive, of saying nothing as though all must bend their knees to the bishop of Rome. And the Israeli leaders (and loads of rabbis as well) act as if they must bend the knee also, even though they would not be caught dead actually bowing - like Obama was.

Only one group of people have the sense to welcome Ratzinger as what he is - a criminal.

According to Arutz Sheva "Pro-Land of Israel activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir will roll out the red carpet for Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival – by pressing criminal charges against him." According to Arutz Sheva, the criminal complaint details a record of treasures and possessions that belong to the Jewish People that are allegedly being held in the Vatican in Rome. Among the treasures claimed are vessels plundered from the Temple by the Romans under the command of then-general Titus, including the seven-branched golden Menorah.

While I'm not sure of all the legalities, it would appear that the Vatican is the closest one can get to a "successor in interest" to the Roman Empire. And claims have been made over the centuries that the Vatican sits on the Temple treasure. Whether those claims are true are for a court — armed with sub-poena power and the right to force the Vatican to open its doors, at gunpoint if necessary — to decide.

Otherwise, we do not know.

But even if it isn't true, the Bishop of Rome will at least be met as a criminal, which is what faces Israeli leaders in Europe for truly fictional crimes. Their only crime, where they may have actually done it, was to defend the Jewish nation against genocidal Arab savages bent on massacring it. It's important that Europeans get a taste of what they are dishing out, and Karl Ratzinger is a European. The Europeans have hated us for centuries because of their "religion of love," Christianity. They have actualized that hatred into rapes, massacres, murders, discrimination, and finally a holocaust of a third of our people. In the last two decades, these scum have done all they can to de-legitimize our country, and to ban our religious customs from being practiced in their own countries. Turning Europe into a Jewish graveyard was not enough for them, apparently.

So, let the warrants be served - and let the European scum understand how lowly we truly hold them. Now, let the bastards have a real reason to hate us.

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