25 March 2009

The Failing Grades of a Man with Bad Intentions - B. Hussein Obama


This was pulled up from AOL News and these are my "grades" for Mr. Obama. A few points here. There was no "F" option that I remember - so he got "D"'s in their stead. In essence this man needs to improve his performance from what is, in reality, a failing grade. He impressed me as good with the public appearances - I didn't count his stupid remarks on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a "public appearance". If I did, the man would have gotten a "C". In addition, I interpreted "energy" to mean Obama's energy, his personal effort. He hasn't slid into the Reagan slumberland - yet. But he does appear overwhelmed by what he is attempting to do.

The important thing missing from this "report card" was an assessment of his intentions. And it ts the assessment of his intentions that is the important issue here.

His intentions do not appear to be good. This is true across the board. His foreign policy is appeasement of America's enemies, "Appeasement" with a capital "A". His economic policy is making America dependent on nations that would prefer to see her knocked from her perch - like Russia or China. Like any greasy Chicago politician, he is paying off his contributors - like AIG.

This is not "hope", it is hopelessness. This is not "change", it is more of the same corruption the folks on Lake Michigan have come to expect from the denizens in public office there.

Of course, this is what America is cursed with, having elected Obama. But I supported him knowing that he would emerge in time, as he is emerging, as an enemy of the Jewish people and an enemy of the State of Israel. The evident enmity of the Obama administration for the Jewish people and for the acme of the dreams of the Jewish People, an independent country where they can live free of foreign persecution, is the only lining of hope to help in overthrowing a corrupt and vicious regime that rules in Jerusalem, tools of a corrupt and venal pack of criminals who live in Tel Aviv and its environs. The possibility that our reservists, the soldiers who must defend this land, will see what is necessary and do what is necessary, is why I supported an open enemy over a false friend.

Prime minister designate Netanyahu and his bought out regime will bow to the trash in Washington's setting sun as the high priests bowed towards the rising sun in the Temple in Jerusalem before its destruction at the hands of NebuHadnetzar. Hopefully, our young men in uniform will realize the evil, and do what is necessary to correct it. They cannot overthrow or attempt to overthrow Obama. Their target must be closer to home. B. Hussein Obama is the target marker above the target. Those who bow to him are the ones who must get the bullet in the back.

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Anonymous Mark Schannon said...

Ruvy, Ruvy, Ruvy,

I think you're being very unfair to ol' Jug Ears! Hey, the guy's taken over the toughest job in the world under conditions we've probably only seen twice in our history. And it's only been 60 days.

More to the point, I'd argue that it's way too soon to call his foreign policy approach, appeasement.

After 8 years of the Busher & CO., who managed to alienate almost every friend and enemy we have, except perhaps England, we need a new approach to the world. Bush's tough-guy approach didn't help with Iran, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, etc., and it resulted in the EU pulling away from supporting legitimate U.S. goals.

I think Obama & Clinton are taking the right approach--one based on mutual respect and mutual interests. That doesn't mean they won't be tough, but it does mean that Bush/Cheney's ideological hysteria will be replaced with a much more pragmatic view.

And I don't see any indication that he is an "enemy" of Israel. He may not support your vision of what should be done, but I believe he's sincere in hoping to forge a two-state solution. Mitchell has his job cut out for him.

As for AIG, the deal was cut last September, before he was president. He learned about it 2 days before it went public. Let's play fair, my friend.

Except for the lunatic right, he's getting reasonably good marks for his efforts with the economy, environment, energy, education. No one has the answers, except that pulling a Herbert Hoover & cutting spending is sure to destroy us.

Let's wait for 3-6 months & see how things are progressing.

In Jameson Veritas

25 March, 2009 23:31  
Blogger David Ben-Ariel said...

When did he legally change his name from Soetoro to Obama? Until he proves he is a natural born citizen, he must be considered a president usurper - a foreigner and a fraud.

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

26 March, 2009 05:34  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Mark, I gotta run, so I'll keep this short (famous last words!). A two state solution is suicide here. You might as well re-impose the Mandate - or have those American troops in Iraq come here and occupy the territory to keep order. And that is what eventually expect to see, by the way.

26 March, 2009 07:25  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Let's wait for 3-6 months & see how things are progressing.


Three to six months HAVE passed. Long before that you at your own site, on 19 May, wrote, "The Futility of Hope." My judgments about this incompetent have been borne out - in spades. His intentions have been evil - forget about bad.

When Persians tried to show their displeasure with having their election stolen by Ahmadinejád, and got gunned down in the streets, Obama was as silent as the Sphinx.

When this putz, Manuel Zelaya, tried to force an illegal change in Honduras' constitution, Obama sided with the would-be dicator. Any intelligent lawyer who understood Latin American history could see that what happened in Honduras was entirely legal and constitutional (according to their constitution) and that the only eror was not tossing Zelaya in jail to be tried for whatever crimes attempting to overthrow the legitimate régime constitutes in Honduras. That the little scumbag Obama took the side of the would-be dictator and ass-kisser of Chávez should give you an obvious clue as to the intentions of your own jug-eared fool in the White House.

This is the putz who has an "I pledge" video - allegiance to der Führer, Obama. This is the putz who has expanded the fascism Bush felt forced to introduce in September of 2008. This is the putz whose pullsilaneousness and weakness in foreign afffairs makes a traitor like Bibi Netanyahu look like a beacon of moral clarity!

I have been more than proven right in my assessment of the bastard. Nevertheless, until his evil causes the overthrow of the traitorous régime in Jerusalem, I want to see him in power in America.

Sorry, dude. I advocate what is best for the Jews.

05 October, 2009 17:03  

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