14 July 2009

New Kid on the Jewish Street - Z Street!


כג' תמוז תשס''ט
14 July, 2009
Copyright 2009, R. Kossover

Earlier today at Arutz Sheva, I saw an article introducing a brand new organization, which hopes to pump some new energy into the moribund Zionist movement. Since they were nice enough to list Ruvy's Roost on their blogroll, I thought I would write a few words of Welcome to Z Street!

Z Street is an organization that believes in
No more appeasement, no more negotiating with terrorists, no more enabling cowards who fear offending more than they fear another Holocaust. Z STREET is for those who are willing not only to support – but to defend – Israel, the Jewish State.

I have written elsewhere that I believe that Zionism is dying, having accomplished its basic goal, establishing a Jewish Entity in the Land of Israel. The Holy Zohar predicted that in the second half of the sixth millenium (that's according to our rabbinic calendar, folks) this would occur, and here I am, living here, in the second half of the sixth millenium, writing you all from a Jewish village in the re-established Jewish Entity in the Land of Israel. I stand with what I have said elsewhere. However, and this is the important point, if the courageous young women who have established Z Street have trouble relinquishing a term like Zionism, I'll not quibble with them. We are on the same side, they and I, and we stand for basically the same things - no more appeasing the goyim who want to kill us, no more negotiating with terrorists, no more enabling Jewish cowards who fear offending the goyim. And finally, they stand for something else, something that gives me a warm spot for them in my heart, no matter what they call themselves.

They support whole-heartedly keeping and settling ALL of the Land of Israel, from the Jordan to the High Sea.

We are living in an age of prophecy coming true. The State was declared just 6 days after we read haftarat aHarei [Amos 1:9], declaring that G-d would restore the fallen sukka of David. Jerusalem is the center of the Jewish world, and has expanded as prophecy predicted it would, to the north and the south. We have withstood the enmity of the entire world, and we yet stand; we are leaders in technology, medicine and weapons of war; our children have returned from the four corners of the Earth, and we continue to return; our "lost tribes" are bit by bit becoming unlost; science proves the concepts of the priesthood and the age of our nation. Wonders have occurred in our generations.

But we also face dire prophecies as well. So, rather than argue over silly things, we must build unity within our people, particularly unity within that group of us who are believers. We must build strength and trust, both in G-d and in each other, so that when the hard days of testing come, we will be able to withstand them. So let us welcome these brave newcomers to the world of political battle, the women and men of Z-Street and grasp their hands and cry out together Hazak! Hazak, v'nitHazek!

Strength! Strength! And let us be strengthened!


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