29 December 2008

The Fixer


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29 December, 2008

Tzvi ben Gedalyahu writes at Arutz Sheva, Tanks Deployed at Gaza Barrier; Barak: War to the Death.

In this article, Barak gets plenty of exposure as the tough grim-faced leader, the man who is serious at defeating his enemies. Since he is the Security Minister, and the IDF is sitting at the lip of another military campaign, it is hard to describe him otherwise.

This is how Ehud Barak likes to see himself portrayed; the man who is decisive, the man who is determined. He is a very typical Israeli, a back-slapper, who likes to see himself as the man with the solution - hamisadér is the Hebrew term - the fixer.

Before our young boys go into battle, before they die, before the wailing of mothers, fathers and wives having lost young heroes makes it too hard to criticize, lets take a closer look at this "fixer". Like many Israeli politicians, he was a career officer with the IDF, and because he was affiliated with Labor, and not a religiously observant Jew, he was able to advance to the top ranks in the IDF (Efraim Eitam, who is a religiously observant Jew, hit the ceiling of discrimination in the IDF, and quit as a result).

On the way up, Barak was in command of soldiers fighting in Lebanon a quarter century ago. One group of soldiers he commanded was a unit of religiously observant Jews. He had them advance into the pass near Sultan Yukub, where Arab forces were waiting to ambush them, and where 23 of our kids died as a result. It is widely believed that he knew of the presence of the Arab soldiers and was willing to see religious Jews die - that way they could not father kids who would vote against someone like Barak - or vote against Barak themselves.

Later, he was responsible for presenting recommendations on the purchase of three German submarines, submarines that could possibly carry nuclear weapons. He recommended against the purchase of these submarines. Wiser heads prevailed at the Security Ministry, and they are now in our hands.

When he became prime minister, the hand picked choice of Bill Clinton, he tried to negotiate a fast-track "peace" deal with the Syrians - and failed. But he managed to withdraw Israeli troops from Lebanon, a withdrawal that looked like a rout, and which made HizbAllah look like a far more serious force than it was at the time. And of course we know that all the Jews and Arabs who died in the eight years subsequent in Arab terror attacks from HizbAllah, or in fighting in Lebanon are therefore on Barak's head.

When Yassir Arafat began an intifada in September 2000, Barak was unwilling to crush it, as he should have. Arab leaders got to calling him a "lemon" - give a squeeze, and get more juice. So the so-called "hard-liner", Ariel Sharon replaced him, and immediately attempted to recruit him as External Affairs Minister. Barak turned Sharon down, so Sharon recruited instead, Shim'on Peres. And while Sharon looked like a bully and had the (deserved) reputation as a butcher among the Arabs, Sharon was like Barak; he wanted to make money with the PLO and cut back-room deals while publicly excoriating Arafat.

But getting back to "The Fixer", Barak, he made his way slowly back to the top in Labor, and when he finally became Security Minister, one of Barak's priorities was to use the IDF to bully Jews. We saw an example of this only two months ago, when the High Court of "Justice" (another oxymoron) decided to seriously question the purchase of Bet haShalóm along the Worshipers Way between Qiryat 'Arba and Hebron and allow for the expulsion of the Jewish residents (who had paid serious money and obtained mortgages based on a video taped sale; the Arab who made the sale, reneged because in the "Palestinian" Authority, sale of land to a Jew is a capital crime).

Barak, looking for a way to demonize Jews living in Judea, insisted that he was going to expel the residents, and did so. One considers how close to civil war he brought the country with his massive ego.

And now, running for office, he seeks to wipe away the stink of his actions in Hebron. So good Jewish soldiers will die, and likely, many innocent Arabs as well as terrorist/rebels will die.

So much for The Fixer.

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