07 July 2011

Money and Faith - Produced for You Tube by Karate Champ TV


Copyright © Karate Champ TV & Paris David Blumenthal, 2011
Let's discuss the world Economic Fiasco. Are you brave enough to watch and listen?
The State of the World's Economy is explained in detail. Paris David Blumenthal discusses this and more at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. From the USA to Europe and where the economy is heading. Will there be a recovery? Watch and listen and draw your own conclusion. This is from the chapter "Money & Faith"in his book named "All American Karate Champ". A political and Economic Karate Book.

Category: News & Politics

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This 10 minute video was made on Sunday, 4 July 2011, at the Hebrew University (Mount Scopus Campus), under the sponsorship of V.I.S.A. and Rabbi Emmanuel Gentilcore.

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