22 June 2011

Faith and Imagination - One Feeds the Other, and Both Lead to Accomplishment


Originally published in Facebook as a "Note" on 21 June, 2011.
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2011

In looking at the articles one sees here on Facebook and elsewhere in that whiny, complaint-filled Augean Stable known as "the Jewish world", all we see is whining and complaining. Do Jews do anything to merit the respect they whine they do not get?

What are we doing to command respect?

Are we kicking terrorist ass, and executing the bastards who murder our children? Are we really protecting the Jewish settlement enterprise in Israel - or are we trying to snuff it out? Are we officially boycotting Europeans and others who boycott us? Are we sending assassins to get rid of the liars who defame us? Are we making clear to Israelis who are self-hating Jews - not to mention all the self hating trash overseas - that they are no longer welcome in this country? Are we kicking out the leftist traitors who infest our universities, schools, businesses, police and army? Are we even protecting ourselves against foreign missionaries? ARE WE SHOWING FAITH IN G-D THAT HE WILL BRING US REDEMPTION?

NO!!! We kiss everyone's ass and we whine.

We are only whining because the world - which wants to kill us - doesn't love us. Respect is earned. And we do nothing to earn it. Love? We do not need the love of the world. We need to learn to love ourselves, and the G-d Who created us.

So we have nothing to complain about. We refuse to learn from the heaps of feces our enemies pour upon us.

Nevertheless, the pathetic Yid-whining and kvetching and krekhtzing and utter fear that infests a country that possesses nuclear weapons and submarines and doesn't have the leaders with the guts to use them - or the faith in G-d to destroy its enemies - is disgusting, to say the least, and enough to raise a man's blood pressure to give him a stroke, to say the most. It is sickening that WE SHOULD GIVE A DAMN what the goyim say! A long time ago a young Sefaradí lady shut me up when I tried to explain about non-Jews and why we should cooperate with them. She said the following - and her words still ring in my ears to this day:

קודם כל,כל גוים חיות - kódem kol, kol goyím Hayót! This young lady was saying, "first of all, all goyim are animals!" On the bus in 1973, my mouth fell open in shock. But based on what I have seen out of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and most of rest of the Arab world, not to mention the allegedly "civilized" countries of Europe, the "people" who live there indeed meet her description of them. When you look at the way Filipinos, Thais, Indians, Chinese and Japanese sexually exploit their children, you're forced to come to the same conclusion about them as well. It's an ugly world out there.

Now, because you most of you lack imagination, let me outline for you the difference between faith and the lack of faith. In parashát sheláH פרשת שלח, ten of the twelve spies Moshe sent out lacked faith in their own ability to cope with the creatures who inhabited Canaan - giants. And they said "we were grasshoppers in their eyes, and in our own eyes!" And they discouraged the People from having faith in the G-d Who had brought them forth from Egypt with signs and wonders, and Who had destroyed Egypt in the process. What if they had said, as did the other two spies, Yehoshua and Kalev, "yes they may be difficult to beat, but we can do it!" Or, for those of you who agonize over issues of "free will", let's say ten of the spies came back with a positive report, and the other two cowards were ignored? The Children of Israel would have conquered yeriHó the next week - or maybe the next month. Since RaHav the whore wasn't alive yet (there would not have been 39 years for her to have been conceived and born and grow up in yeriHó), a different method would have possibly been found, but the city would have been destroyed. MOSHE would have led the legions and divvied up the LAND. And likely, when Moshe died, Yehoshua would have taken over and conquered the entire country. The Land would have been cleared of the enemy - no Canaanites, no idols to serve as a temptation, but instead, a nation serving HASHEM with faith and confidence. This is something we have never had.

The period of time when this conquest of Canaan took place was the cusp of the change from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The Children of Israel were exposed to some pretty sophisticated technology in the desert - the stones in the High Priest's Ephod and úrim and túmim, the lights (or energy sources) within, essentially describe a modern computer; the ashes of the pará adumá, the Red Cow, essentially describe a water filter. Imagine what would have been the fate of a nation that had faith in G-d. Instead of struggling to obtain iron weapons from the neighboring oppressors, which is an underlying theme of the Book of Judges séfer shoftím, the Children of Israel might have been exposed to - and taught to develop- technology far in advance of the neighboring peoples - who were savages by comparison. Israel would have been technologically advanced far beyond the comparatively uncivilized barbarians of the ancient world.

Would Assyria have come to conquer this Land? NO. Would Babylon have come to conquer this Land? NO. The Torah itself would have read differently - no description of 40 years of wandering, no speech by Moshe warning of a nation that would be exiled; AND NO EXILE! The language of all of us would be Hebrew and we would be princes of a land that we would have occupied for 100 generations, defended by the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE and the tools He would have made available to us, because we would have had faith in Him. This country would stretch from the lakes of Suez to the mountains of Persia (or further east), filled who over 200 or 300 million HEBREWS. There would be NO Jews, no Christianity, and Muhammad's legions would have never contaminated this land with their barbarism. In fact, there would be no "Palestinians" - no residents of Israel would have ever been forced to convert to Islam and content themselves with the savagery that is Arab culture.

There might have been a Greece - but it never would have conquered this Land. There might have been a Rome, but it never would have destroyed a Temple to the G-d of Israel, the G-d That created the universe.

This is what we missed out on when ten men looked about them and rejected G-d's gift of the Land and G-d's reassurances that He would be with us. Instead of 200 or 300 million Hebrews in a powerful empire, we are a mere 15 million Jews, 3 million Palestinian "Arabs" and 40 million Pashtun - divided by ignorance and mistrust, surrounded by enemies and torn by conflict, internal and external, and in the case of our Pashtun brothers, divided by 3,000 kilometers as well. While Jews in Israel live in relative prosperity, our Pashtun brothers, originally from the northern Tribes, suffer starvation, war, lack of education and persecution. Our Palestinian brothers, forced away from their native faiths by the lash of Islam's persecution, suffer under a terrorist dictatorship in Israel and suffer terrible privations in "refugee camps" - really concentration camps - in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.


But does it have to be this way? No.

Must it remain this way? NO!!


That is what "free will" is all about - the ability to change. And in this case, to try to change for the better.

JEWS can start to look at the Pashtun and "Palestinian Arabs" and see them for what they are - lost Brothers of the Nation of Israel, imprisoned in an alien culture, and suffering (as Jews suffer) the loss of their ancient glory.

PASHTUNS AND "PALESTINIAN ARABS" can start to look upon the Jews not as people to be hated and despised - but lost Brothers in the Nation of Israel.

Islam has not given the Pashtuns the access to education they need, and it has not given the "Palestinian Arabs" a secure homeland.  Instead, Wahhabi jihadis  have incited and influenced estranged Children of Israel to kill their blood brothers, the Jews, so that they can laugh up their sleeves as one "Jew" kills another.  Further, Wahhabi jihadis call the Brothers of the "Palestinian Arabs" and of the Pashtuns, us Jews, "children of pigs and dogs".  If someone called my brother or sister such a name, I'd pull out my meat cleaver and chop his head off.  Both peoples have gained nothing from Islam but persecution, terror and death.  In addition, "Palestinian Arab" terrorists and vandals have desecrated the tomb of their own ancestors, and that of the Pashtun, the Tomb of Joseph.

When JEWS, PASHTUNS AND "PALESTINIAN ARABS" can attempt to do these things, to view each other as brothers rather than enemies, one step at a time if necessary, the nation of ISRAEL  will begin to heal.  The Prophecy of the Book of Ezekiel [séfer yeHezkél], where Ezekiel takes two sticks, one for Ephraim and one for Judah, and molds them into one - for Israel, will finally come true [Ez. 37:15-28].  The time has finally arrived for us to attempt this.  That way, each man will sit in peace under his own fig tree, we will sow our seeds and reap our harvests with joy, and justice and righteousness will flow through our Land and through our lives like rivers.  After 4,000 years, we Children of Israel deserve to see the goodness of the L-rd Who called us to His service.

It is time. It is past time.

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