26 April 2011

Murder and Desecration at the Tomb of Joseph - A Call to my Pashtun Brothers and Sisters

Originally Published as a Note in Facebook
Copyright ©, R. Kossover, 2011

This morning (24 April, 2011) a Jew went to pray at the Tomb of Joseph near Sh'khém a few kilometers north of where I live in Samaria.   Joseph is the ancestor of the Yusufzai and the Afridi, and probably the Khattak at the very least, amongst my Pashtun brothers and sisters.  He was the favorite of our ancestor, Israel, and the lands of Ephraim and Menashe (the modern Afridi-Khattak and Yusufzai) were the largest tribal grants in all of ancient Israel.  The Jew, a relative of one of the cabinet ministers, Limor Livnat, was killed.  Several other Jews were wounded.  The murderers, were members of the American trained "Palestinian Police".  Thus we see yet again, Children of Israel murdered and killed by American trained and equipped soldiers.  This has happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well, even though Americans themselves have attempted to do acts of goodwill in Afghanistan.

Apparently, it was not enough to kill Children of Israel.  The Arabs living in the area also decided to set the Tomb of Joseph on fire.  The people who set the tomb on fire were people who often receive the sympathy of Pashtun who dislike Jews, and prefer that Muslims rule their ancestral homeland.  But what these Pashtun miss is that these Muslims who hate Jews would and have just as easily desecrate the tomb of the Pashtun Patriarch who is most important aside from Jacob.  Speaking as a Jew, and as a loyal Son of Israel, I have no sympathy at all for those who persecute my Pashtun brothers in Central Asia.  This is most especially true if the persecutors are ethnic Pashtun themselves, as most of the Taliban are.

I am calling upon my Pashtun brothers and sisters in Central Asia and elsewhere to reconsider how they view the desecrators of the Tombs of their ancestors.  I am calling upon them to similarly reconsider how they view their Jewish brothers who pray at these Tombs - and die at the hands of Arabs.  If someone called for the murder of my brother, I would oil my gun, load it with ammunition and seek to protect my brother, if I could.  I cannot do this in the case of Pashtun but I can and do speak out against the evil perpetrated against my Pashtun brothers by their persecutors.  I am asking for similar support from my Pashtun brothers.

You will discover that the Pashtun stand alone; the only people who will stand by you are your brothers here in Israel.  I am one such brother, and stand by you in your attempts to secure self-rule in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and justice and education for your people.  A brother stands with his brother.  Can you do the same?  Will you?

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