03 April 2011

I Don't Think So!


Published on Facebook, 3 April 2011

by Paris David Blumenthal and Reuven Kossover,
Copyright © 2011, R. Kossover and Paris David Blumenthal

The Consequences of UN Resolutions to Abrogate the 1920 San Remo Resolutions on Palestine and Create ex-Nihilo, a "Palestinian" Arab State in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

In 1967, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt attacked Israel. Six days later the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) achieved victory.  The IDF liberated and united Jerusalem, and liberated Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights from foreign rule. The war affects the geopolitics of the region to this day.  All these lands were part of the territory included in the 1920 San Remo Resolutions on Palestine which gave the Jewish People sovereignty over these lands in perpetuity.  These lands belong to the Jewish people forever - according to international law.  Now there is an attempt to take these territories of Judea and Samaria, and the eastern part of Jerusalem liberated in 1967 to create ex nihilo (out of nothing), a "Palestinian" Arab state that would violate international law.  Now, let's make a couple of  points, injecting reality into the balloon-like fantasies of the overpaid flunkies at the United Nations and all Jew-hating former or present university professors attempting to pull off this scam.

The vast majority of the "Palestinian Arabs" who live in Jordan, and in worse exiles in Lebanon, Syria, Quwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are originally refugees from various wars.  These Palestinian refugees, discriminated against in Lebanon, Quwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and now increasingly even in Jordan, are part of, and are being cruelly manipulated by the Arabs who truly hate Israel. They manipulate the Palestinians to attack and terrorize Israel. The recent massacre of 5 members of the Fogel family was celebrated by Palestinians in Gaza by handing out candy - just as they did after the 9-11 attacks against America and innumerable terror attacks against Israelis and Jews.

Now here we see that in Septembers of this year the UN wants a Palestinian state at all costs; which would force Israel back into 1967 borders, and force it out of territory which is the sovereign territory of the Jewish People. Obviously, after 44 years; Israelis have homes; infrastructure and Jerusalem all completed and assimilated into Israel. So, attempting to do this is like ripping someone’s limb off and giving it to another person and sewing it on wherever it could fit.

Our answer to this: I don’t think so!

Now let’s look across the globe at the home of United Nation’s Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon - the Republic of the Korea.  In 1950, the Democratic Republic of (North) Korea invaded the Republic of (South) Korea.  United Nations forces under American leadership drove these forces out of South Korea and practically defeated the army of the Communists.  But the Communist Chinese (then excluded from the UN) invaded in late 1950, and drove the United Nations forces to the present armistice lines.  The UN resolution to oppose the North Korean invasion was based on the principle of permanently dividing Korea.  Is this what Ban Ki-Moon wants for his homeland as well?  Permanent division?   If North Korea wants to change this permanent division, and now says it wants part of Seoul and various parts of South Korea today, obviously, it would bankrupt South Korea.  Is this tolerable to the good Secretary General for his very own country?  I don’t think so.

This is a parallel example of how crazy UN policies can be if instituted. So, Israel
is supposed to expel over 500,000 of its own citizens from their homes, people who are law biding and honest, just to do what the UN says it has to?  Really?

Our answer to this is also: I don’t think so!

If the UN gets their way, consider this:

Any resolution proclaiming a "Palestinian state" on the sovereign territory of the Jewish People will have nasty consequences elsewhere on the planet.  If Israel is forced to evacuate their own land liberated from foreign control, this means that others have to receive the lands they were cheated out of.  Let's make a little list. We'll start with the American Indians who lost their lands to Canadian and American settlers in North America. Various parts of Canada, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, and at least 20 other states will be turned over to American Indian tribes. Will the USA do this?  Will Canada?

Our answer to this is: I don’t think so!

Will various islands disputed by Russia and Japan forcibly be given back to Japan by the UN on a whim decision?

Again, our answer to this is: I don’t think so!

Will the government in Iraq give the Kurdish region in its north independence, a country that would be known as Kurdistan?

I Don’t Think So!

Will Turkey give the Kurdish people and territory in what is now called Turkey to an independent Kurdistan on the whim of the United Nations?

I Don’t Think So!

Will Syria have to give up territory as well for the new Nation of Kurdistan obeying a resolution made by the UN whether they like it or not?

I Don’t Think So!

Will India or Pakistan have to give up the disputed Territory of Kashmir to follow the whim of the United Nations?

I Don’t Think So!

Will China give up its claims on Indian Territory on the whim of the United Nations?

I Don’t Think So!

Will the Chinese give up Tibet on the whim of the United Nations?

I Don’t Think So!

Will either the Republic of China (Taiwan) or the People’s Republic of China (mainland Communist China) give in to a decision by the UN on their status and accept it as law?

I Don’t Think So!

Will Iran be willing to give up some of its territory to various tribes on the border of Afghanistan via a UN resolution?

I Don’t Think So!

Finally, will Jordan, whose population is 75% “Palestinian” Arab, and which was torn illegally from the Mandate of land declared to be under Jewish sovereignty forever, be willing to declare itself as Palestine, and take in the refugees from war here from their miserable exiles in Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere, and give them a home free of discrimination from other Arabs, with the opportunity to build lives in peace prosperity and happiness?

I Don’t Think So!

So let’s get real.  Samantha Power, Barack Hussein Obama, Foreign Secretary Hague of the UK, Bundeskanzler Merkel of Germany, President Sarkozy of France, Prime Minister Putin of Russia, and the all of you overpaid flunkies accruing parking tickets at the United Nations, we have a message for you.  It ain’t gonna  happen.   Not now.  We would say not ever – but; do you see that condition on making Jordan into Palestine above?  Look good, because it really matters for peace around here.  Israel may cooperate if the United Nations passes just such a resolution.  Otherwise?


About the Authors:

Paris David Blumenthal, author of “All American Karate Champ”, is a two time national US karate champion and AAU/USA All American who acquired skills in law-enforcement, intelligence, and marketing analysis.  Presently he lives in Israel and works to aid localities in developing better security for their jurisdictions. 

Reuven Kossover, author of Ruvy’s Roost (a blog-site), is a writer, editor, and political affairs analyst who lives in the Shilo Bloc of towns in Samaria…


Blogger FCEtier said...

I don't usually follow politics, but you always seem to lure me back with interesting takes on the news and thought provoking articles.

13 April, 2011 14:41  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Chip. We try. It is important, in my opinion, for us in Israel to maintain an offensive stance in dealing with an increasingly hostile world. You never score a goal by only playing defense. This article allows those of us who think like me - and there are many of us here - to maintain that offensive stance (even if sometimes it offends!) ;)

13 April, 2011 17:27  
Blogger marnie said...

Israel must not concede ANY of the land given to her by G-d. Not one inch of it! Let the United Nasties bleat and bitch as much as they want. Their hypocrisy is nauseating. As is their constant vilification of Eretz Yisrael...Cool "roost", Ruvy!

Your mate, Marnie..

23 April, 2011 14:43  
Blogger Ruvy said...

Always a pleasure to see your posts, Marnie. Our traitorous government in Israel will plan to give up land to the enemy and divide the country - but it is a matter of faith with me that G-d will not allow this to happen. But I cannot just sit and do nothing. Shavua tov, Marnie, to you and yours in the UK.

24 April, 2011 00:03  

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