26 November 2008

Signs of Redemption

Aryeh Gallin, a friend of mine who is the head of Root & Branch in J-lem, had to travel back to the States to watch over his ailing father. He was there for quite a while, and his father experienced a complete recovery, thank G-d. He called me up a while ago when he got back to tell me of his experiences at the various airports he had been to, Kennedy, Heathrow and Ben-Gurion. This is what he told me.

When he got to Kennedy for his flight to Heathrow, the place was empty. He was astonished at how empty one of the busiest airlines in the world could be. He bought a cup of coffee and asked the person at the counter if they had ever seen anything like it. The counterperson said she had never see the place so empty.
He asked if some kind of alert was on or something, and received a negative answer. He boarded his flight. When he got to Heathrow, he saw the same thing. The English airport was empty. He bought a juice from a juice stand, again asking the counterperson why the airport was so empty or if it had ever been like this before (maybe it was a juice stand in Kennedy and a coffee shop in Heathrow) .Again, he was told the airport had never been so empty. He inquired if the fact that it was a Wednesday might be the reason, and was told that the airport was usually a lot busier. Again he boarded, this time on his flight for home. He arrived at Ben-Gurion and encountered a strange phenomenon. People were busily coming in; virtually nobody was leaving.

The obvious reason appeared to be that Israelis, seeing how bad things were in the world, were not parting with their money. His own assessment was that Redemption was near and folks were returning home.

Now let's take a look at this report that came from IMRA http://www.imra.org.il/story.php3?id=41525, a report that was originally drawn from Y-Net News, the English site for Yediot AHronot.

Monday, November 24, 2008
Israelis in US desperate to return home

Consulates in North America report of flux of Israelis asking for help
getting back to Jewish state after losing money in financial crisis;
Absorption, Foreign ministries mulling forming possible airfare aid fund

Itamar Eichner YNET Published: 11.24.08, 09:27 / Israel News

Many Israelis living in the United States have approached the Israeli
consulates in North America recently, asking for their help in getting back
to Israel.

According to the report, dozens of Israelis who have lost their money in the
financial crisis sweeping through the US have been pleading with the local
Israeli bureaus to help them pay for a plane ticket back to the Jewish state.

Eli Yifrach, the Israeli consul general to Florida, said that the Miami
office gets several calls to that effect every day: "We've had cases of
Israelis telling us they were being evicted from their homes, after
faltering on their mortgage payments."

Another official with a different consulate said that his offices has had
Israelis call in and ask for financial help to buy food. "In one case, I
gave an Israeli $100 for food, and I know many contact Chabad centers and
synagogues for food," he said.

Sharon Glassman, of the Immigrant Absorption Ministry, told Yedioth Ahronoth
that the ministry was "aware of several humanitarian cases of Israelis who
reported that they could not afford airfare.

"Absorption Ministry Director-General Erez Halfon has instructed us to look
into ways in which we can cooperate with the Foreign Ministry and form an
aid fund which will help those in need to purchase tickets back to Israel."

While you're mulling that over, take a look at these two sites. The first illustrates the limits of the Torah Code. It cannot be used as a predictive tool. As you examine this article from Kabbalah.torah-code.org, http://www.kabbalah.torah-code.org/torah_codes/obama_mccain/obama_mccain_1.shtml, you will see that found in the Torah Code was both an array indicating that McCain would be president of the United States, and an array indicating that Obama would be president. Both could not occur, but both were possibilities. The Torah Code is IMHO, a reflection of the Holy One, an Entity Who can contemplate ALL possibilities. What the Torah Code really is, is the proof that there was only One Author for the Torah. Believers like me will say that this Author was G-d, but that is not the point. It is proof positve that all the nonsense put forth about different authors, using different names of G-d, is just a pack of garbage and should be so regarded.

The second site is far more scary. For years, rabbis and m'kubalim have believed that George Bush, both father and son were Gog. After all, the Bush family originated in the Gog and Magog Valley in England, George W. Bush was called Goggie in the Skull and Bones Society, etc. So we see this argument put forth at the Dreaming of Moshiach http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2008/11/obama-is-not-gog.html website. Earlier, we find the blogger laying out possible descriptions of Gog http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2008/10/after-receiving-many-emails-claiming.html, and arguing that these descriptions best fit George W. Bush.

So the second site that I'm sending you to http://yehudiyerushalmi.blogspot.com/2008/11/obama-gog-hint-in-yechezkel-38.html was blogged about on 5 November , the day after Barack Obama was elected. The blogger went to Ezekiel 38:1-4. This is the text in Hebrew:

ויהי דבר-יהוה, אלי לאמר. ב
בן-אדם, שים פניך אל-גוג ארץ המגוג--נשי
א, ראש משך ותבל; והנבא, עליו. ג ואמרת, כה אמר אדני יהוה: הנני אליך, גוג--נשיא, ראש משך ותבל. ד ושובבתיך, ונתתי חחים בלחייך; והוצאתי אותך ואת-כל-חילך סוסים ופרשים, לבשי מכלול כלם--קהל רב צנה ומגן, תפשי חרבות כלם.

This is a freehand translation of the text by yours truly (with a little help by a real Hebrew speaker, one of our sons).

And these were the words of G-d, given to me to say. "Son of Man, face Gog of the land of Magog, President (or Prince), head of of Meshekh and Tubal, and prophesy upon him. And you will say, 'So says my L-rd G-d: Here I am before you, Gog - President (or Prince) - head of Meshekh and Tubal. I will splinter the gums in your cheeks I gave (you), and will take you and all your soldiers, horses and horsemen, splendidly dressed, the entire assembly of them, carrying shields and shielded, with bucklers and swords, all of them....

Every seventh letter from the aleph in the word "nasi" is marked in red, spelling out the following in Hebrew:


This has been there for as long as the Book of Ezekiel has; this is how Obama is spelled in the Hebrew newspapers that have been covering his phenomenal rise to power since he sought the candidacy for the presidency in 2007. The encoded letters appear immediately after the name Gog of the Land of Magog, hinting, among other things, that "Gog" is not one individual but a series of individuals. Thus the claims that Bush, father and son are Gog can be true, AND Obama also.

One final point, a cherry on the cake of prediction, here. For this we must go back to the Dreaming of Moshiach blog-site at
http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2008/09/aliya-now.html . Upon close reading, we find that the blogger is a Satmar lady. She writes here, "At at least two locations, he gave a very strong and direct message, that Jews must move to the Holy Land NOW!!! R' Shwartz is not any kind of "zionist...."

The Satmar generally care little for the State of Israel or for the Zionist movement that created it. When a Satmar talks about "Aliya Now!" it is truly time to pay attention.

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