14 February 2012

LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE PAST 2012: Peeking beyond Zionism and its malcontents


Originally published as a Note on Facebook, 14 February, 2012
Copyright © R. Kossover, 2012

The headlines seem to get scarier and scarier daily, with warships and air forces doing military exercises and nations threatening war.  Looking at these events, they only portend evil.  With over 200,000 missiles aimed at Israel; and her enemies arming to become stronger daily, I suspect that war in the not too distant future is inevitable, a view shared by many of my fellow Israelis.   I happen to believe that that the rabbinic year 5773 (which begins on 17 September, 2012) may well see the beginning of a war that will engulf the world. But I am not so arrogant as to call it prophecy. I have been wrong too many times, and to stick my head out like this and name a date tempts the fates, as they say.  Nevertheless, I will.

Those of you who want to understand where one looks for prophetic signs should watch the following You Tube video.  This video deals with “tetrads” or groups of four lunar eclipses.  Usually when they occur, one occurs in the spring and one in the autumn of two successive years.  Obviously, the two men talking of this in the video are Christians and put a Christian spin on this.  This Christian spin should be ignored.  But the data should not. 

What makes these particular tetrads so special is that they occur on the first day of two major feast days on the rabbinic calendar, Sukkot and Pessah.  This rarely happens.  In 5709-5710 (1949-50 on the Christian calendar), there was such a tetrad, and in 5727-5728, (1967-68 on the Christian calendar), there was also such a tetrad - the next one is for 5774-5775 (2014-15 on the Christian calendar).  Sukkot and Pessah are holidays that deal with the Divine Redemption of Israel.  Events occurring in 5708-09, and 5727, respectively, were major events dealing with the re-establishment of  Jewish (and eventually Hebrew) rule over Israel.  Based on past events, in my opinion, the events that are likely to occur in 5773 or 5774 will bring about a major furtherance in the establishment of OUR rule here in Israel and a shift in the way non-Hebrews view us.  I expect war to break out in a major way one year before this upcoming tetrad occurs - exactly as happened with the re-establishment of a Jewish entity in the Land of Israel.

There is more here about the likelihood of war in 5773 and 5774.  According to the people in this You Tube video, some of whom I know personally, "the big band comes on stage in 2012. The big events occur in 2013, possibly extending into 2014." (an approximate quote). This video deals with the Torah Code, known to some as the Bible Code, developed about 25 years ago by Drs. Eliyahu Rips and Doron Witztum, mathematicians from Israel. It doesn’t matter to me whether you believe this or not.  The point is that I believe this, and I base my view of the future on it.

In looking at future events beyond the near term of the next five or six years, I go by the Talmudic sages who predict that "ben David" (the messiah) will have arrived and COMPLETED HIS WORK by the year 5790 (2030 on the Christian calendar). What does this mean?  Amongst other things:

            a. Either a Temple will have been built or will be under construction on the Temple Mount. Implication: the major earthquake in Jerusalem and other events in the last two chapters of the Book of Zechariah and chapters 38 & 39 of Ezekiel (all read during Sukkot, by the way) will also have occurred. This means war on a major scale.

            b. Religions (including Judaism) will begin to undergo major changes, as G-d judges Mankind, and makes His Presence manifest. Implication: our Hebrew brothers, the Pashtuns, will begin the return home - both leaving Afghanistan-Pakistan, and Islam. Second implication: our "Palestinian" brothers will also begin to return home to Judaism, and the difficult healing process will begin in Israel.

           c. Water, which many predict will be a major cause of war in the near future, will become a primary issue in what we call "tiqqún 'olám" the repair of the earth, and instead of fighting, the world will turn to Israel, which is already emerging as a technological leader on the planet, for solutions.  The world is already dependent in great degree on Israeli technology, though in many cases, that technology has been bought up by foreigners.

This is why we need to look BEYOND Zionism, which gathered in many of the Jewish exiles, to Redemption, and to work towards the in-gathering and reunification of ALL of our brother Jews and Hebrews, world-wide, including the Pashtuns who live in Afghanistan and Pakistan and suffer a terrible war there, and including the so-called “Palestinians”, many of whose ancestors were forced to convert from Judaism to Islam, because of the Muslim occupation of our country.  Zionism was a stunning success in what it sought to do.  But having succeeded, inheritors of the Zionist Movement, the leaders of the State of Israel, have lost their vision.  We, THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, must take the next steps in the development of our Destiny.  We will be led, either gently or rudely, by the Almighty.  Our human “leaders”, such as they are, will either follow their foreign paymasters in the States and Europe (into exile) -- or they will follow US, THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL – or they will be forced out of power by circumstances beyond their control and beyond my present vision and understanding.

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