20 July 2008

The Return of Two Bodies for Live Terrorists


This previous week has been dominated by the news of the return of live Arab murderers for two dead bodies kidnapped by HizbAllah in 2006. It is evident that the Israeli government knew for quite some time that that Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, ז''ל, הי''ד, were already dead. Why they were willing to return a live murderer for dead bodies puzzles me.

I have no diffficulty with the idea of returning the corpse of an Arab multiple murderer and terrorist for the dead bodies of the Sgts. Goldwasser and Regev. Returning a big name killer like Sami Kuntar alive only leaves me sick with shame that bastards and traitors like Ehud Olmert, and Shim'on Peres represent us on the world stage. They humiliate us all and make me ashamed to be an Israeli. May G-d judge these scum with firm justice, and may they see no Divine Mercy - they do not deserve it.

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