25 January 2007

Politics in Israel – Katzav Attacks His Accusers: Has a real leader finally arisen in this nation?


A number of months ago the state president of Israel was accused of rape. Complaints were made, accusations were made; the state president asked the attorney general to investigate and to clear his name. For six months, Moshe Katzav has been silent as the press has attacked him, as the police have attacked him, and as power hungry fools known as politicians have attacked him. Wednesday evening, on national television, he struck back, exploding in anger at his attackers and accusers.

It was the kind of response his attackers deserved and continue to deserve. Someone has finally called them what they are and given voice to the anger and contempt felt by so many average Israelis for the regime that rules with an iron fist of dictatorship & corruption in the velvet glove of "democracy".

The masters of that regime stomp on the poor man here (i.e. most Israelis), murdering, stealing, lying and responding to resistance and protest with an arrogance and cruelty that calls for their removal from any level of responsible leadership in this society. The ruling "elites" of the State of Israel -- Pigs of George Orwell's Israeli "Animal Farm" -- are the garbage that need to be tossed into the big green dumpsters known as tzvardeím. Moshe Katzav was polite in his words.

Arutz Sheva, gave Moshe Katzav the benefit of the doubt and covered his speech. Yediot Ahronot, through its English language on-line outlet ynetnews, gave the establishment view of his speech. In the morning, Yediot Ahronot’s Hebrew edition called on Moshe Katzav to quit in big headlines. Now the headline reads “Professors call Katsav’s conduct despicable”

Katzav’s words to the nation Wednesday night ring true to all that I have been saying for over a year at Blog Critics Magazine and elsewhere.

“I know what bothered you - that six years ago I was elected President [defeating Shimon Peres]. You wrote at the time that it was the end of Zionism, etc. I should be ashamed of myself? You should be ashamed of yourselves for writing such things about a democratic vote in the legislature!

---At this point, a Channel Two news anchor interrupted, and Katzav responded furiously:

You have talked for six months, and now it's my turn! No, you won't talk here! If you don't like it, you can get out! I was silent for six months, and now you don't want to hear the truth! Channel Two - yes, Channel Two, the same station that has been spilling my blood for six months!”

Katzav said additionally,

“I have been in public service for over 35 years; I have never hurt a single man or woman, my hands were clean, even when my opponents did all they could to besmirch me.

I saw myself as a symbol of all those who do not belong to the elitist, ego-swollen clique of those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, who see themselves as the only ones worthy of representing the public!”

Katzav was pushed to do the dirty work of the Sharon and Olmert regime, promising the Vatican control over parts of Mount Zion in return for – a synagogue in Spain! That plan didn’t work, fortunately and the Vatican has not gotten control over more of Mount Zion – yet.

Perhaps it was his failure to accomplish treason for Sharon, Peres and Olmert that led to the rape charges in the middle of last year. Perhaps Peres would like to combine the posts of state president and prime minister in the near future, and emulate Adolf Hitler as a führer here, and for this he needs Katzav out of the way. Or perhaps Katzav is right. After all, he is not an Ashkenazi Jew like most of the ruling elite here. He is a Mizrahi Jew with roots in Persia.

In any event, Katzav called bullshit Wednesday night, and it is long past time that he did. Katsav gave voice to the voiceless, and hope to the hopeless (i.e. most people here). Perhaps we see the emergence of a man we can actually rally around, one who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Who knows? One can always hope.

In the meantime Arutz Sheva reports that Katzav has, at his own request, temporarily stepped aside and Dalia Itzik is acting in his stead.


Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

First, to correct your notion of what happened to Katsav. The charges against him came AFTER he went to Mazuz and complained that this woman [alef] was blackmailing him. Mazuz turned Katsav's complaint into an accusation against Katsav.
Second, Mazuz is himself an Oriental Jew. Katsav is aware of this. So when he complained last night about an elitist clique he wasn't talking about Ashkenazim as such. He knows that Moshe Mizrahi of the police investigations dept or formerly of it, was not Ashkenazi either. Apparently, there is a scheme or plot against Katsav either because he is not considered "leftist" enough or is seen as too religious or because Shim`on Peres is still angry at him for defeating him in the last presidential election and thinks that smearing Katsav might help him win the next presidential election. The Ashkenazi/Oriental/Sefardi divisions are not really operative here.

What I find most offensive in your post was the use of the word "kike." By doing so you join the ranks of our enemies. You join with Jiminy Cricket, former prezident of the USA, who most likely uses the K word whenever the microphone is turned off. Are you proud to be like carter who is on the level of a slug in the swamp? Can't you write against a fellow Jew without using the word of the worst Judeophobes?

25 January, 2007 22:49  
Blogger Ruvy in Jerusalem said...

Thank you very much for writing, and for your clarifications. Your remarks tend in the direction of political revenge for having blocked the career hopes of Shim'on Peres.

Originally, Eliyahu, I had the term that offended you in my essay. I was very angry when I wrote this and the advice of cooler heads has been taken into consideration. If you will note, I edited the essay, and it reads a little bit better (I hope)...

But I will note that the "Jewishness" of some of these so-called leaders is up to question, at least in my eyes. I'm not talking here about observance, but about ancestry. There have been questions raised about Shim'on Peres and Ariel Sharon.

At this late date, it appears that Katzav will be allowed to serve out his term and then stand trial. It also appears that my hopes for what Moshe Katzav might be have not been realized, and will not be - but one never knows what is the plan of the Almighty One.


19 April, 2007 09:35  

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